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About Eire Pollard | Wolf & StagWolf & Stag is a London-based life & style blog with a British sense of humour and an American sense of appetite.

All wrapped into a keen sense of wanderlust, a love for laid-back looks and a penchant for all things clean & minimalist.

You’ll see everything on here from fashion finds to travel tips, and all of life’s good stuff in between.

Everything I post about is stuff I love, stuff I do and stuff I can afford. This blog is my part-time job and passion, and I hope that the tips, ideas, stories and pictures I create is useful for your life!

Our Story.

Wolf & Stag is what happens when a British tech-guy and an American wordsmith fall in love, get married and insist they give their home a Game of Thrones style house name.

She wanted Wolf; he wanted Stag. And then, a blog was born.

Eire (short for Erin) Pollard is Wolf.
I run the blog and write about all of my adventures with my Stag.

I grew up in the wild pinebarrens of New Jersey, always with a keen sense of wanderlust and wanting to see the world. I finally fulfilled my dream of living abroad in 2009, when I bought a one-way ticket to London to do my Master’s degree in English Lit. Through luck, plenty of visas and a heart-wrenching love of the city, I’ve managed to make London my home over the past 7.5 years.

Without even realising it, I have always wanted to be a blogger, although it’s taken me most of my 20’s and until 2016 to figure that out. Since 2009, I had begun — and left incomplete — about 5 different blogs, each with the promise that I would ‘make a go’ of this, finally. But work, procrastination and life got in the way. It took me 5 years at a corporate job I never loved and the wonderful support of Stag to realise that, with some dedication and sacrifice, I could do this. And now, here I am, and here you are, reading about the Wolf & Stag journey.

If you see a bit of yourself in this story — and you feel the same way about some far-away dream in your life — all I can say is I’ve been there. There is no time like now go give that dream a go.

Love, Wolf (and Stag) xx

About Wolf & Stag