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How Wolf & Stag Got Their Happily Ever After

I’ve been unsure about writing this post for quite some time. Every month since we started this blog, I’ve sat Stag down and ask him, “How do you feel about a blog post about our wedding?” He’s always been quite supportive of the idea — as a way to explain to many of our friends and family who don’t know the full story, as a way to talk about how happy we are that we’re married — but I never quite felt comfortable about it. It’s too personal; it’s too “look at us! look at us!” for our readers. Is this something people would even want to read? But then I realised: I want to talk about it, and I want people to understand how a marriage (and not a ‘wedding’) may be exactly what you want, but you don’t even know it. So here it is, on our 1st wedding anniversary: the Wolf & Stag wedding story.