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A Morning at Mayfield Lavender

“Is there anything you particularly want to do while in London?” I asked my good friend, Amy, in a Facebook message. It was September 2013, and she was visiting me from the US for a week in London. I had thoughts of the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey — or perhaps something a bit more unusual, like The Hunterian, or Columbia Road Flower Market.

My phone dinged not two seconds later, with the message, “Can we go here?” She popped through a link: Mayfield Lavender, a lavender field located not too far outside of London. But far enough away that it made me go, “Really Amy?” and roll my eyes slightly. Amy loves nature and the outdoors — she was on her way to do a year of WOOFing through Europe, after all — so this somewhat strange request didn’t really surprise me.

In the end, we didn’t have time to make the trip out to see the lavender during her visit. But this conversation was the very first time I had even heard about Mayfield Lavender (from a non-local, no less!). It is what began a four-year quest to make it down to see the lavender blooming, each year a failure — until this July, when I finally ticked it off my bucket list.

Lavender Scones in Mayfield Lavender, Lodon | Wolf & Stag

Our trek (yep, it’s a bit of a trek — sorry) involved a one-hour-fifteen-minute overground and bus journey. Having had no breakfast or coffee yet that morning, needless to say, I was a tad grumpy by the time we arrived. We immediately made a beeline for the cafe.

“I want everything lavender flavoured!” I announced to Stag (probably while spinning around like a small child; some of us get excited easily) as we approached the adorable food-truck-turned-cafe. One lavender earl grey tea, lavender scone and lavender ham & cheese toastie later, I tucked into my meal like a happy camper. The lavender scone was, by far, the highlight of the food — although we were too full to try one of the delectable lavender macaroons. We enjoyed our breakfast all while fighting off wasps and staring in awe at the never-ending sight of lavender before us.

No longer hangry as can be, we made our way ever slowly into the main event: the lavender fields.

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

I should mention: if you go out to Mayfield lavender to do anything more than just, well, “walk among rows of lavender,” you’ll be rather disappointed. At first, I worried about how long we could feasibly see lavender before Stag was bored. But I needn’t have worried. You’d be surprised how long you can happily walk among nature on a beautiful sunny morning.

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

Your senses of sight and smell will be tingling the whole time. As expected, lavender perfumes the air everywhere around Mayfield Lavender. And the rolling, seemingly-neverending rows of lavender brings about a sense of calm I rarely feel living in Central London.

We used this opportunity to do a bit of a fashion shoot. Living in Shoreditch, it’s not often I get a backdrop of such beautiful flowers in my outfit posts. I, of course, dreamed of wearing a beautiful sundress for this shoot, wide-brimmed hat in tow, the picture of perfect feminity on a summer’s day among the lavender.

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

In reality? It was cold, meant to rain later that day, and I have no wide-brimmed hat. Ripped jeans and my trusty white sneaks, it is then.

However, my white shirt from H&M did give me some of those summer feels. It’s that perfect dressy-but-not-too-dressy top, with a boho feel that makes me wish I was at a festival. Or in a lavender field.

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

When the sun came out a bit more, we stopped for a seat next to one of the food-truck-cafes nestled in the lavender. I made friends with a ladybug (or ‘ladybird,’ as the Brits call it. SO WEIRD). He loved my favourite Wood/Grey round basket bag as much as I do. He’s probably a blogger.

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag

We ended our visit with a quick trip to the gift shop. Stag picked out some lavender fudge; me, a bouquet of fresh lavender to try at home.  By this point, the place was heaving with visitors and tourists. If you decide to make the trip, make sure to go in the morning, when it’s quieter and more peaceful.

A London bucket list item ticked off (ticking things off a list gives me life). But, even better, a fresh, beautiful morning surrounded by nature. What better way to spend a summer’s weekend?

A Morning in Mayfield Lavender, London | Wolf & Stag



Have you been to Mayfield Lavender? Do you have lavender fields in your area? Londoners: what’s on your London bucket list?

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  • I’m still yet to visit a lavender field but they look so pretty, in fact I might have a quick google now to see if theres any near me! xx


    • I know there are a few around the Southeast, not just in London! Have you found any near you? Thanks so much for commenting Natalie! x

  • Ahh what a gorgeous spot! I’m coming to London next month and the Columbia Road Flower Market was on the top of my list. I’ve never heard of these Lavender fields before, but I’ll definitely be looking them on. Such lovely photos here! Happy weekend


    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Lyndi! Columbia Road Flower Market is a MUST — not just for the flowers, but for the whole experience. The shops along the street are absolutely adorable as well, so you could make a whole morning/afternoon out of it. Mayfield Lavender, on the other hand, is QUITE far out. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to go out and visit unless you’ve either been to London a zillion time before, or if you are here for a number of days. Or unless you’re staying out in Surrey. If you need any local tips for your visit, definitely let me know! x

      • Eire, thank you SO much for all the details! I’m so happy I found your blog and will be book marking it. That’s great to know about Columbia Road Flower Market. We have that planned for our first Sunday in the city, and plan to spend the day in the area. I can’t wait. it looks delightful!

        Mayfield I think will be too far unfortunately. It looks so lovely, but it will have to wait til next time. SO many wonderful things to do in London already. My list is way too long! We’re staying in Parson Green. I’ll find you on instagram as I’m sure yo know all the wonderful and photo friendly spots 🙂

        • Thanks for your lovely comment Lyndi! Yes, defnitely spending the day around Shoreditch/Columbia Road/Hackney is a really good idea. There are so many cute shops, amazing cafes, parks and lovely things to do. Again, if you guys need any advice, that’s my neck of the woods so I’m happy to help! Just shoot me an email.

          I don’t know Parsons Green all that well, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful. You’ll have such a lovely time.

          I’ve also now just discovered YOUR blog, and I’m so glad I have! It’s gorgeous. I apologise now for the zillion comments I’ll end up leaving you on your blog 😀 xx

  • Oh, this must be one of the best posts you have shared with us Eire! So beautiful: photographs, lavender, your outfit + that scone! Ok, I am packing my bags right now 😀

    • Thank you SO much Naya! I absolutely loved taking these photos, and yes, I am so pleased with how they came out! I think a lot of it is the beautiful lavender backdrop, though :o) If you ever do come visit London, you MUST let me know, so we can take a trip there! xx

  • Carolin

    Beautiful photography Eire, I hope you don’t mind me asking about your camera model? I’ve not been to the fields but heard from a few people they are worth going. I’d be interested to find out what the best way would be to get there. Can you take the train? Or will you have to order a taxi? Thanks for letting me know,

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Caz! Don’t mind answering at all: I use the Olympus PEN, just with the kit lens (need to get a much nicer one.. on my birthday wishlist!). I have the e-lp7, which is the older model to the new F. BUT, from what I’ve been told (even by Olympus team guys!) is that this model is the same except for a few stylistic differences. So could be a bit cheaper to get.

      Unfortunately, a friend just went to the Mayfied Lavender recently, and I think lavender blooming is coming to an end. You’d probably be better off waiting until next year when they bloom again. Following them on twitter helps, as they will announce when it’s good to go and visit (usually July/August). You can get there via overground to West Croydon, and then a bus. So definitely doable from London, but it does take a while. Bring your book!


  • Such beautiful photography Eire!! I love these shots so much. And how lucky were you with the weather! I hope you had as good a day as it looks like you did!

    Vikki, xx

    • Thank you so much! I hadn’t realised it was the biggest ‘blogger cliche’ to go there when I did — but, in the end, the photos came out so great that I didn’t really care. It was such a wonderful day! Thank you for commenting, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so! xx

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