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Happy Birthday, Wolf & Stag: Here’s a Thank-You Beauty Giveaway

This past weekend — on August 12th, to be exact — Wolf & Stag celebrated its first birthday. And, in typical ‘Eire’ fashion, I procrastinated writing this celebratory post until a full three days after the date. Sigh. Some things never change, do they?

Yes, my ‘bloggerversary’ is causing me to reflect on myself, on my blog, on my little corner of the internet’s achievements and milestones. But mostly, it’s making me feel thankful. To each and every comment. Instagram like. Twitter follow. Post view. Essentially, thankful of you, you lovely person reading this, you. And what better way to say thank you than with an epic beauty giveaway? Okay, maybe not epic, let’s simmer down a bit. But a beauty giveaway that should bring a smile to one winner’s face. Read on for all the terms — and for some ramblings musings about one year of being Wolf.

Thoughts on a Year of Blogging

It’s funny: I don’t feel like someone who has “only blogged for a year.” Which may sound arrogant, because I have. It’s not to say I am anywhere near as poised, developed and interesting as those BIG bloggers who’ve been doing this for years and years.

But, in reality, I’ve been blogging in the traditional sense (writing in an online space) since I was 14. I.e. forever. I just never had the time or energy to make it into a well-crafted, un-diary-like space until August 12th, 2016. I’ve written about my one regret — not starting Wolf & Stag in its current format earlier — and I’d be lying if I still don’t feel that way.

But, in the same context, I couldn’t imagine having done it any other way. I needed that clean break of meeting Stag, quitting that job I hated and entering a new phase in my life to be ready to take all this on.

It’s surreal, looking back on that now. To see how far Wolf & Stag has come. To see how far I’ve come: as a writer, as a creator, and as an individual. The friendships I’ve made — some I can imagine for life — and the skills I’ve learned are unparalleled. No other path I could have taken would have opened up my life in such a fundamental way, reigniting my love for writing, guiding me down a creative and professional route I never thought possible. I have blogging — and you — to thank for that.

As much I relish in reflecting on the past, blogging is one of those industries where you’re never doing enough. My goals for Wolf & Stag for the next year are wide and varied — from venturing into video and improving my photography skills, to becoming more self-motivated and opening up the blog more as a business. There is so much room to grow, to learn and to improve my content offering for all of you.

So what’s my final word on a year of blogging? Watch this space. Year 2 will bring even greater things. God, I hope. NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING.

The Beauty Giveaway

If you’ve made it this far, you bloody deserve to win this giveaway.

As I said above, this giveaway is nothing but a way to say thank you to my readers and followers. In other words, it’s in no way sponsored or endorsed by any of the brands. It’s sponsored by Stag, by me and by our quiet little flat in East London. Because we love you guys.

All of the products in this giveaway are either items from beauty brands I’ve worked with through the blog (you may recognise some of them!) — or they are simply beauty staples in my product arsenal. Either way, it’s a winning package.

What You Could Win

Nails Inc NailKale Polish in Bruton Mews | the best shade of dark, wintry green. I have my own and use it all. the time.

7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Masks (Four Individual Masks) | Party like it’s 1999 with these guys. I love the nostalgia of 7th Heaven and use these frequently to keep my large and in charge pores at bay.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser | My favourite facial cleanser of all time. It really keeps your face clear and is wonderfully gentle on dry or sensitive skin.

Isla Apothecary Reset Ritual Pulse Point Therapy | A beautiful roll-on oil from one of my favourite natural and independent beauty brands. I love using oils in my everyday beauty routine. This one not only clears the mind, it can help with allergies, too.

Herbivore Pink Clay Mask | My number one facial mask from quite possibly the most instagrammable brand ever, Herbivore. One of my long-time favourites.

Co. Bigelow Rose Salve | I don’t know many Americans that are without this. Use on your lips, on cuts, chaffing, sunburn, wherever.

Thalgo Reviving Marine Mist (Travel Size) | The perfect companion on any flight and while travelling. I am never without a good face mist at any point. Nothing feels quite so refreshing.

Hairy Jayne Hair Perfume with Heat Protection in Citrus | If you haven’t heard of this sulphate and paraben-free hair care company before, you need to. A wonder hair product.

Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream SPF40 | This is my go-to face cover for when I’m travelling, as it saves having to bring an SPF as well.

Win some of my favourite products in our Wolf & Stag Birthday Beauty Giveaway | Wolf & Stag

How to Enter the Beauty Giveaway

It’s easy!  One mandatory step, and multiple extras to give you many entries. Enter using the widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This beauty giveaway will run for just under a week, so make sure you enter right away!

Now for some boring bits ‘n’ bobs, but please make sure you read this carefully. One winner only. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. You must be over 18 to enter. This competition is open from Tuesday, 15 August and will close at 12 AM GMT on Tuesday 22 August. A winner will be chosen and contacted after the giveaway has closed; the winner will have 24 hours to respond before prize is forfeited and a new winner is chosen. I will endeavour to send this item the most secure way possible; however, if the item is lost in the mail or damaged by postal couriers, I cannot be held responsible for this.

Good luck!

Do you love any of the above products as much as I do? If you’re a blogger, do you understand my feelings about celebrating a year? Let me know!


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  • What a gorgeous giveaway, there looks to be some gorgeous products I’ve never tried! xx


    • Thanks Natalie! It’s so important to me that I say thank you to all the readers I’ve met over the past year. You being one of them! Really appreciate your lovely comment xx

  • Hi! My favourite post is the one about the lavender fields. I’d love to go back to London and see it. It’s a bit of a trip but it looks fantastic!
    Love from Barcelona,

    • Thanks so much Marta! Yes, it is a bit of a trip, but well worth the effort. If you do come back to London, definitely let me know, and I can give you some great local tips! x

  • debbie

    im new to your blog i came as i wanted to know more about kinn beauty products and found your blog which is lovely by the way fab giveaway thankyou very much x

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Debbie! Kinn beauty products are really amazing — if you ‘re thinking about trying some, I’d say you definitely should! One of my favourite beauty discoveries through the blog, by far. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with the giveaway x

  • Hayley F

    I really like the friday finds?The best pjs and where to find them. I love my pjs and always looking for new ones to try x

    • Thanks so much Hayley! I am allllll about the good PJs. Wild Geese is one of my absolute faves for high quality, well-priced items. Thanks so much for stopping by! x

  • I just discovered your blog and love your style! Happy blog – anniversary and thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway!



    • Thanks SO much Deborah! I always worry my style is so very “jeans and a top,” but hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? :o) Good luck with the giveaway, I wish everyone could win! x

  • Tracy Hanley

    Sunset in Hawaii , I love sunsets no matter where i am

    • Hi Tracy, sunsets really are the best, aren’t they? And now I wish I was back in Hawaii, drinking cocktails on the beach!…sigh… thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! x

  • nelle

    “The 5 best bread and butters, i ever tried!” I love that post, maybe because I was hungry when I read it, but if definitely made me appreciate something as ordinary as bread and good butter! Happy Blogiversary!

    • Thank you soooo much Nelle! I love appreciating things that would otherwise be overlooked — like bread and butter. I’m glad you enjoyed the read! Thanks for commenting <3

  • sunshine

    The Lavender fields, as I’d visited last year – its such a beautiful special place

    • Thanks so much Sunshine. It is beautiful, isn’t it?

      • sunshine

        Loved it, very interesting when an extremely rich family came in and brought over £3k worth of products 🙂

      • sunshine

        Yes loved it, it was interesting there was a extremely rich family buying out the food, fantastic for the shop!