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‘Tis the Season… for Photo Holiday Cards (with Basic Invite)*

You guys. It’s officially the holiday season. No, seriously. I have absolutely no idea where October went — not in the “Oh goodness, this month flew by!” kind of way, more in the “We just moved 5,000 miles and I have no idea what day it is” kind of way. More on how we’ve squeezed every big life event into October 2017 later. Right now, I’m jumping head-first into the holiday season — which, considering my penchant for all-things Autumnal, is very unlike me. But once I got my hands on these beautiful, personalised holiday cards from Basic Invite*, I felt my cold, Grinch-like heart thaw a little. Bring on Christmas!

Dreaming of Antiques and Fireplaces with Westland London*

It’s no secret that I love modern, Scandi-chic decor. My various interiors round-up posts can attest to that. But, if you can believe it, this development in my tastes is actually relatively recent, borne out of seeking adulthood simplicity. In fact, for many, many years — and with multiple degrees in Medieval English Literature as further proof — I was most drawn to antiques. Yearning to be an antiques collector in my youth, I dreamt of filling my home with ancient artefacts, ornate objects and curious collectables. A home that would look somewhere between Indiana Jones and Antiques Roadshow, I can only imagine.