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Cheap Tricks: Decorating for Easter on a Budget

Happy Weaster everyone! Yes, that is the adorable nickname that Stag has given the gloriously epic occasion that is a 4 day Easter weekend. Stag and I are actually hosting our first Easter lunch tomorrow for friends. We’ve got our menu covered (I’m making this bun&butter pudding, Stag’s doing the lamb). But, in an epic panic the day before, I’m still frantic about our table decorations! Normally I’d just lust over magazine-like pictures and call it a day — like my Thanksgiving table decor post. But this time, I actually want to make my table look Easter-bunny proud — without spending a fortune or a lot of time. Some of us just aren’t that crafty.

Leaf-Print Interiors Inspiration

This post is a mix of things. Firstly, I’m jet-lagged, thus fuelling a state of total non-productivity (which of course excludes activities such as browsing the ASOS sale and watching SATC reruns). Secondly, I’m behind on my blog posting schedule, which always makes me anxious. And thirdly, there’s a semblance of warm outside, bolstering an incessant need to buy new and update everything I own. Combined, this leads me to trawl Pinterest looking for pretty pictures of summery leaf-print interiors, curbing my appetite to buy new things. Thanks Pinterest.

Interiors Inspiration: Blush Pink

As some of you may know, in addition to running this oh-so-fabulous blog, I also freelance for an interior designer as a content manager. We have a ‘big reveal’ coming up that — while I can’t say much detail! — it involves one of my favourite colours as of late: pink. Not just any pink, but that lovely, Spring-like blush pink. Although the official colour of 2016, it seems as though blush (or ‘rose quartz’) is here to stay, permeating into everything from fashion to decor.

The Wolf & Stag Last-Second Christmas Gift Guides

So I am going to pretend that my intent all along was to make these very-last-second gift guides to bridge that period between the late-present-buyer and the sale-shopping-planner. In reality, I am just — as usual — LATE. I have always said that, in many ways, I find the month of December much more enjoyable than actual Christmas day. Much of this has to do with the build-up, the excitement, the parties and the dinners and the events. It also makes blogging in the evenings so hard. And present shopping. Clearly Stag and I are very behind in our shopping for each other, and so these guides are as much about helping you readers as they are about helping us….

Friday Finds: The Best Holiday Candles for Every Budget

Happy Christmas Season ya’ll (and happy Gilmore Girls is now available! #priorities). Another Friday Finds here, and this one is firmly about my favourite subject: CANDLES. Other people may say “early 20th century history” or “renaissance literature,” but here at Wolf & Stag, we say nothing portrays ‘fascinating subject’ quite like holiday candles.