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Dreaming of Antiques and Fireplaces with Westland London*

It’s no secret that I love modern, Scandi-chic decor. My various interiors round-up posts can attest to that. But, if you can believe it, this development in my tastes is actually relatively recent, borne out of seeking adulthood simplicity. In fact, for many, many years — and with multiple degrees in Medieval English Literature as further proof — I was most drawn to antiques. Yearning to be an antiques collector in my youth, I dreamt of filling my home with ancient artefacts, ornate objects and curious collectables. A home that would look somewhere between Indiana Jones and Antiques Roadshow, I can only imagine.

Interiors Inspiration: How to Style a Coffee Table (For Real Homes)

Featured image: Atelier RibeWithout sounding too boastful — and while having absolutely no qualification to state this  — I like to think I have a fairly good ‘interiors eye.’ It may be the copious amount of Pinterest pictures I browse on a given day. But generally, when hunting for new home items and placing them in a space, I have a gut instinct as to what works, and what doesn’t.

This is true, except for one glaringly obvious part of every living room: the coffee table. Yep, main room in every house’s focal point, the decorative near-star of the show, only second to the sofa. Or maybe third to the TV. An important piece that, when I attempt to decorate, I blunder and fail miserably. It’s both a decorative feature and a useful, practical part of daily life. How do you combine the two, for real people who don’t live in Home & Garden magazine (sigh)? Decorating a coffee table is hard, guys. Let’s learn together how to do this right.

Travel-Inspired Interiors to Give You a Serious Case of Wanderlust

Featured image: H&M. I like to think that all people fit into one of two categories: those who have “the Wanderlust”, and those who don’t. If you couldn’t tell from reading this blog, I sit firmly in the former camp. As a kid, I decorated my bedroom walls with cut-outs of National Geographic, ripping out calendar pictures of castles, proudly displaying maps on my walls. I knew I wanted to go places; I just didn’t know when, or how, I could.

Now, as an adult, one of the best feelings in the world is having the freedom and — mostly — finances to travel as and when I want. However, that sense of the mystique of travelling — the wanderlust, the sense of adventure, of unexplored places and luxurious hotels and escapes in the wild — hasn’t left. And like I was as a kid, I’m still drawn to home decor that fills me with that sense of excitement. This post is all about travel-inspired interiors, and how you can bring your sense of wanderlust into your own home.

Interiors Inspiration: Bathroom

Otherwise known as “A Post to Help Curb Eire’s Home Shopping Habits.” Stag and I frequently declare to each other in a sunny, relaxation-fuelled weekend bliss, “I absolutely love our flat.” It’s our first home, where we had our ‘first engagement’ and will forever be the place where we started our life together.

However, despite our declarations of love, our flat is not without its ‘adorable’ quirks (I use that term most ironically), old-London-flat grottiness and single-glazing temperature woes. I’m sure many London-dwelling renters can relate. And yet, all these gripes aside, the one thing we both complain about whole-heartedly is, in fact, our bathroom.