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Happy Birthday, Wolf & Stag: Here’s a Thank-You Beauty Giveaway

This past weekend — on August 12th, to be exact — Wolf & Stag celebrated its first birthday. And, in typical ‘Eire’ fashion, I procrastinated writing this celebratory post until a full three days after the date. Sigh. Some things never change, do they?

Yes, my ‘bloggerversary’ is causing me to reflect on myself, on my blog, on my little corner of the internet’s achievements and milestones. But mostly, it’s making me feel thankful. To each and every comment. Instagram like. Twitter follow. Post view. Essentially, thankful of you, you lovely person reading this, you. And what better way to say thank you than with an epic beauty giveaway? Okay, maybe not epic, let’s simmer down a bit. But a beauty giveaway that should bring a smile to one winner’s face. Read on for all the terms — and for some ramblings musings about one year of being Wolf.

Behind the Scenes: The 4 Steps of an Outfit Photo Shoot

I realise this title is very misleading, assuming I am remotely qualified to call what I do for the blog a “photo shoot.” Stag and I are both amateur photographers, at best, and I am a 5’5″, apple-shaped ‘model’ who has perpetual resting-bitch-face (please still work with me, future brands!).

Despite all of that negative (trying to be positive), we do have a few photo shoots under our belt here at Wolf & Stag. I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into the inner-workings of how we do. Mostly, because it’s as unglam as it comes (hilarity ensues). But also, I hope to show any budding bloggers — or even established ones looking to do more personal photography — that even the most self-conscious, awkward of us pull together interesting, beautiful photo shoots. It will get there, in the end. I promise.

Discovering Grown-Up Pyjamas in a Blue Marmalade Nightdress

The in-your-thirties clock is tick-tick-ticking ever closer. And I, for one, am not quite ready for it. (She says as hides under her duvet, shirking all responsibility, with a cup of tea and a YA fantasy book in hand. Ah, sweet youth). However, as much as I may have the sense of humour of a child (sneezes are hilarious, people), and I secretly wish I could still watch cartoons after school (#noshame), there is one way I am ready to embrace my classy grown-up self: wearing sophisticated, elegant nightwear. My first step towards achieving this? Donning a nightdress, a beautiful one at that, from one of my favourite nightwear brands for quality, beautiful things to sleep in: Blue Marmalade.

Let’s Talk About… Losing Inspiration

As I’m writing this, I am literally thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to be writing this.” Do you ever just get bouts of not-wanting-to. As in, not wanting to do much of anything? Where it feels like that zest of life, that zeal for experiences and that love of exercising your creativity — just kind of vanish? Losing inspiration can be one of the worst feelings in the world, especially for creators, bloggers or content managers (yep, I’m all three. Double ugh.). How do you get it back? Is it always a bad thing, to lose your creative inspiration?

The 5 Best Bread & Butters We’ve Ever Tasted

Have I ever written a post as important as this one? My crowning achievement of blogging topics. My ode and dedication to my fellow Bread & Butter Aficionados. Yes, this is for those who eat at a restaurant and are still absurdly delighted to be given the most humble of Starters To Your Starter, wolfed down (pun totally intended) within a few bites. For those who look at a meagre butter portion for the table with distrust and confusion, and kindly ask the server, “Is this one just for me?” Yes, my friends, this is the 5 best bread & butters Stag and I have ever had, from restaurants all around the world. A list we have been testing for years now, all in the name of journalistic integrity — and, as always, for science.