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Hello Number 25

Today, Stag and are (will be, as I’m writing this) in Marrakech. A much-needed holiday for the two of us, we’ve been looking forward to this trip for quite some time. More importantly, however, visiting Morocco marks the completion of a Life Goal for me: to see 25 countries before I turn 30. Hello Number 25, you beautiful thing you.

Engagement Ring Shopping is the Best (And Worst)

I don’t think I’ve ever had such conflicting, controversial and emotional feelings about a topic. The thought of an engagement ring both fills me with pure joy — an excitement that extends much further than just a piece of jewellery — and, simultaneously, dread. To say my fashion profile is a bit fickle is quite the understatement. Somedays, all I want is to look like Coachella threw up a bit, and others, I just feel like Minimalist Incarnate. How do you coalesce the two? How do you pick a ‘forever piece’ when you’ve been taught to think in seasons?

Let’s Talk About… Enjoying Your Own Company (and What I’m Doing this Bank Holiday Weekend)

Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert? While I knowΒ it’s difficult to pin people neatly into specific categories (although it does make life easier, doesn’t it), I can comfortably say I am an ‘Introverted Extrovert.’ A FormerΒ pure Extrovert, my slow descent into Adulthood has seen me relish the comforts of nights in, pyjamas and regular unsocial events. However, what contradicts all of this ‘alone’ time is that usually I want Stag around for all of it. Deep down, I am my best, most motivated self when I am around others. And while I am so happy I’ve found a Life Partner who brings me joy and confidence, there are the occasional times when I’m — gasp — left alone. Β Such as this upcoming bank holiday weekend.

Cheap Tricks: Decorating for Easter on a Budget

Happy Weaster everyone! Yes, that is the adorable nickname that Stag has given the gloriously epic occasion that is a 4 day Easter weekend. Stag and I are actually hosting our first Easter lunch tomorrow for friends. We’ve got our menu covered (I’m making this bun&butter pudding, Stag’s doing the lamb). But, in an epic panic the day before, I’m still frantic about our table decorations! Normally I’d just lust over magazine-like pictures and call it a dayΒ — like my Thanksgiving table decor post. But this time, I actually want to make my table look Easter-bunny proud — without spending a fortune or a lot of time. Some of us just aren’t that crafty.

5 Things I Miss about Life in America

This post is an ode to the Land of the Free, where quite literally, you are free to order 40 oz (1136.52 ml) of milkshake from ColdStone Creamery in one giant cup, because it’s your god-given right to do so. A summation of 7.5 years of living abroad as an expat where — whenever anyone asks me what I miss most about America, and they expect me to say, you know, ‘family and friends’ — my immediate response is “Dunkin Donuts Coconut Iced Coffee” with my eyes just a bit too wide with wistfulness. Having just returned from my East Coast trip, this post is about the 5 things I miss most about America. My forever homeland, the purveyor of fatty foods and elevator chats, and the place I relish in both loving and mocking. Mostly loving.