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Seeing Stars

Have you ever experienced what psychologists everywhere have termed the ‘Zara Sale Purchase Paradox?” (I may or may not have made up that bit about psychologists..not the point). The scenario unfolds like this: you enter the heart-beating frenzy that is a Zara Sale, drunk on the excitement and perfume fumes permeating everywhere. Overwhelmed with anticipation, you grab no fewer than 576 items to try on in the dressing room (after a 3 hour queue, obviously). You end up purchasing five or so items, so gloriously proud and thrilled to possess these would-be-full-price-but-you-got-them-in-sale finds. And then you take them home, and in the sobering, cold light of day, you come to terms with yesterday’s embarrassment of yourself: “What the hell did I just waste my money on?’

Oh yes, there have been times where I’ve found myself in the clutches of a Zara Sale Purchase Paradox. However, finding this star-print shirt, my friends, was not one of them.

Spring Blues & Striped Mules

GUYS. This sunshine we’ve been having in London. I can’t even. (Stag jumps in with a joke: “Can you odd?” ….. *eye roll *). The problem is, you start convincing yourself it will be this way forever, and next thing you know, you’re taking this rare glimpse of sunshine for granted. Which is why my forever ‘Sunshine FOMO’ (as I endearingly call it) always propels me to get outside every sunny day that shines in London. Not just go outside, but go outside in that one outfit you know you can’t wear on a rainy day. My outfit of spring blues & striped mules is my sartorial answer to “What personifies a sunny Spring day?”

A Red Gingham Dress

If I’m honest, I don’t know how this post happened. Suddenly I’m standing outside in March, bare-legged, wearing not just a dress (le gasp) but a dress with trainers. Normal Eire could never pull this off. Normal Eire looks kinda frumpy in most un-cinched dresses. Normal Eire always admires those street style stars who look oh-so-chic and cool in the dress-and-trainer combo, but knows that on her, it mostly makes he legs look squat. But lo and behold: legs! Dress! Trainers! There’s only one magical explanation for such rarities: the awe-inspiring power of this red gingham dress.

Travel Style: What’s in my Carry-On Bag

I’m somewhat of a ‘frequent flyer’ these days. Living abroad, living in Europe specifically, my ‘Before I’m 30’ experiment (more on that later), developing a keen sense of wanderlust, and constantly attending international weddings (5 THIS YEAR) all mean I’m in a perpetual state of preparing for my next trip. Years of international flying has also meant a I’ve learned to create a honed, well edited carry-on bag full of flight essentials.

Mother Sweatshirt

For all my fellow under-a-rock dwellers, here’s what you’ve been missing in the fashion world: slogans are everywhere. From tees proclaiming ‘fun bags’ to shirts covered in french phrases (which clearly I love, even though I don’t understand a word of it), clothing with a statement is big. You’ll have seen me rocking my fave slogan tee in this post, proof that I wholeheartedly love this trend. And now, with International Women’s Day just behind us — and Mother’s Day just around the corner — this Mother sweatshirt from understated British brand &Sons is the item I’m coveting most.