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Friday Finds: The Best Midi & Maxi Dresses for Autumn

Okay, confession time guys: I felt a wee bit uncomfortable in the maxi dress I’m rocking in these photos. It was one of those dresses that I spotted in a Zara when I was feeling particularly frivolous and confident, and I tried it on and immediately felt as cool as Stevie Nicks.

What to Do in London: The Chelsea Physic Garden

While the rest of the world is going, “Autumn! Sweaters! Pumpkin Spice Lattes!” I’m sitting over here going, “Will we get one last bit of summer?” Perhaps I’m too stalwart of a purist, but for me, Autumn only begins on September 21st. There’s an Equinox, people. Also, Stag and I still have a few ‘summer holidays’ left, one to toasty Italy. So excuse me while I dream of floral dresses, gardens and sunshine.

Which is apt, considering I’m currently going through our pictures from the Chelsea Physic Garden, a 17th-century medical garden that we visited on a sun-drenched, warm early August day.

Getting my Jewellery On with Glitzbox

I have a bit of a complicated relationship with jewellery. If you’ve read my Jewellery Edit post, you know that I abhor cheap jewellery that is ruined after just a handful of wears. Bad for the environment, and bad for you wallet. But, the thought of forking out £200+ for one piece of jewellery fills me with “Can I afford rent this month?” dread.

What are you left with? NOTHING, that’s what.

That’s when Glitzbox got in touch with me. “A jewellery subscription service?” I asked myself, staring quizzically at the website. I had never bought into the ‘subscription box’ thing that seems to be all the rage. But, I could see the potential of this working with jewellery, especially with a focus on independent, local brands. I decided to give the Glitzbox a try.

A Morning at Mayfield Lavender

“Is there anything you particularly want to do while in London?” I asked my good friend, Amy, in a Facebook message. It was September 2013, and she was visiting me from the US for a week in London. I had thoughts of the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey — or perhaps something a bit more unusual, like The Hunterian, or Columbia Road Flower Market.

My phone dinged not two seconds later, with the message, “Can we go here?” She popped through a link: Mayfield Lavender, a lavender field located not too far outside of London. But far enough away that it made me go, “Really Amy?” and roll my eyes slightly. Amy loves nature and the outdoors — she was on her way to do a year of WOOFing through Europe, after all — so this somewhat strange request didn’t really surprise me.

In the end, we didn’t have time to make the trip out to see the lavender during her visit. But this conversation was the very first time I had even heard about Mayfield Lavender (from a non-local, no less!). It is what began a four-year quest to make it down to see the lavender blooming, each year a failure — until this July, when I finally ticked it off my bucket list.