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What I actually Bought (and Wanted to!) from the Black Friday Sales

Following on from my Net-a-porter sale roundup post, this weekend has essentially been my Christmas shopping, ‘setting up my life again,’ ordering-frenzy bonanza. An official title, I think. This weekend has seen a flurry of sale roundups and wishlists from fellow (amazing) bloggers, which I don’t know about you, but I love to have a cheeky peruse of. But sometimes, you know, you just want to know what people actually fill up their wardrobes with during sale time. For those of us (like me) who are Decisionally Challenged and just need someone to tell them, “Get that one.”

So, here you go, my lovely friends. Here are the things I’ve actually bought this weekend (and some things I nearly did) — many of which are still on sale and in stock. You should be able to grab them during Cyber Monday, too. I hope this list is useful, and you finish reading it thinking, “Oooh, what a stylish maven.” Rather than, “Uh, why do I read this crap?” (<— likely).

The Net-a-Porter Sale Edit (Under $300)

IT’S SALE TIME. I am not normally one to advocate ‘BUY MORE IT’S SALE.’ BUT, I firmly believe that we should all be buying fewer-but-better material items (I’ve written whole blog posts talking about my strive for this). The problem is, ‘quality’ is almost always synonymous with ‘expensive.’ As it should be; good, ethical items should cost more, right? But not all of us have the budget for it. Which makes sale periods the perfect time to invest in quality items you will love season after season. Net-a-porter — purveyor of beautiful designer clothes I wish I could be draping myself in all the time — have just announced their sale. Here’s what I’m lusting after (and what I’ve already snapped up!), all under $300. Because mama still needs money to buy tacos.