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Cheap Tricks: Decorating for Easter on a Budget

Happy Weaster everyone! Yes, that is the adorable nickname that Stag has given the gloriously epic occasion that is a 4 day Easter weekend. Stag and I are actually hosting our first Easter lunch tomorrow for friends. We’ve got our menu covered (I’m making this bun&butter pudding, Stag’s doing the lamb). But, in an epic panic the day before, I’m still frantic about our table decorations! Normally I’d just lust over magazine-like pictures and call it a day — like my Thanksgiving table decor post. But this time, I actually want to make my table look Easter-bunny proud — without spending a fortune or a lot of time. Some of us just aren’t that crafty.

I don’t know about you, but I have been in a 29-year continuous state of being broke. Yes, sometimes this was more or less literal, and no, I’ve never actually been utterly broke. (Except for that one time when I studied abroad in the UK when it was $2.07 to the pound. Yuck.). But, less exaggeratively, I’m always in a state of cutting back to save money. “I can’t order that second cocktail, I’m broke,” or “We need to cut back our Dishoom weekend brunches babes, we need to save money” (actual conversation between Wolf and Stag).

The problem is, Stag and I also love to host people at our flat for holiday meals. Because I’m me (and because Pinterest exists), this sends me into an absolute decorating tizzy. “All I want in life is a little nest where I can put hand-painted marbled eggs!” you may have heard me exclaim about Easter decorating yesterday in a certain Marks & Spencer. I suddenly am filled with aspirations of becoming Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker rolled into Blake Lively’s body. Homemaker perfection, whose Easter lunch table looks like something about of Home & Garden magazine and there are mini chickens everywhere.

Except, well — see paragraph above about being broke. Plus, let’s be real, I’d much rather have that second cocktail than a £10 shittily-put-together-bird-nest-tiny-decoration thing (I’m looking at you, M&S).

Finding Easter decorating ideas that are both cheap and easy is a tall order. Thus I’ve come up with some ideas of my own and trawled the internet for you, so you don’t have to. Just hop on down to my list below to get your eggcellent Easter decorating ideas on a budget. (I’m sorry, it had to be done).

Quick & Easy Ways to Decorate for Easter on a Budget

  • D E C O R A T E  W I T H  D A F F O D I L S. Daffodils can be your best friend. They only cost £1 a bunch, bloom for a good few days, and their bright, vivid shade of yellow looks decisively Spring. Way more affordable than buying bouquets. Tulips also make a great alternative if you don’t mind spending a few extra pounds.
  • C H O C O L A T E  M I N I  E G G S  I N  A  C U P. Nothing says Easter quite like chocolate mini eggs, right? Their pastel colours look great in any small white, clear glass or pastel-coloured bowl. Another alternative is to use recycled jam jars for a more ‘home’ feel.
  • D Y E  E A S T E R  E G G S  T H E   E A S Y  W A Y. The Londoner’s post on using nail polish to marble Easter eggs was literally a mind blown moment for me. If we have time, I’m definitely going to make these!
  • C A N D Y  C A N D L E  D I S P L A Y.  Love this idea from! Layer a clear glass candle display with jelly beans before putting your candle in, one solid colour per layer. And an extra bonus: you get to eat the jelly beans after Easter is over. WIN.

Love this Easter decor from Blesser House. Such a clever idea to use multiple glass jars with flowers over one large centerpiece.

  • U S E   C O L O U R F U L  P A P E R  N A P K I N S. For those of you living in house-shares and moving every year or so, let me just say, I feel you. Easter-themed paper napkins are a perfect way to add a touch of colour to your table setting without spending a fortune. Love these ones from Not on the High Street and Amazon.
  • M A K E   Y O U R   O W N  E A S T E R  C E N T E R P I E C E. Love this Flower & Eggs Reclaimed Wood Planter Box idea. Use a long, thin box (H&M sells them for cheap), place foam on the bottom, and stick in a bunch of artificial flowers. Scatter with eggs. It looks so pretty and doesn’t seem that difficult.
  • D I Y   E A S T E R   B A S K E T. I think this may be more of a US thing than a UK, but growing up I always had an Easter basket. Just buy any handled basket (or, again to save money, use clear glass jars, mason jars, a nest or even a glass bowl!) and fill with shredded green or brown tissue paper, and you’re good to go. Just fill them with little chocolates, your DIY eggs above or whatever takes your fancy. These make very good place settings too, if you’re hosting a meal. Get some ideas from this article here.
  • I F  A L L  E L S E  F A I L S… G O  T O  T I G E R. Tiger really is the most affordable and readily available shop for budget decor. I saw a little chick nest thing there for £1. You may find it on my Easter table.

And if you live in the US, these absolutely adorable decorative bird’s nests are $0.02. FOR TWO. WHAT. Why am I not in the US? Go and buy these immediately. I’ll just be sitting here crying.

Are you decorating your place for Easter? What will you be doing to decorate? Are you as un-crafty and trying to decorate on a budget as me? Would love to hear your tips and tricks!

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