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Engagement Ring Shopping is the Best (And Worst)

I don’t think I’ve ever had such conflicting, controversial and emotional feelings about a topic. The thought of an engagement ring both fills me with pure joy — an excitement that extends much further than just a piece of jewellery — and, simultaneously, dread. To say my fashion profile is a bit fickle is quite the understatement. Somedays, all I want is to look like Coachella threw up a bit, and others, I just feel like Minimalist Incarnate. How do you coalesce the two? How do you pick a ‘forever piece’ when you’ve been taught to think in seasons?

No seriously, how? I am actually asking those of you readers who have already done the whole engagement-ring-thing. How did you finally decide on a style?

There are so many styles and settings, quality and colour, that you have to come armed with a frickin jeweller’s encyclopaedia to understand. That, or just inundate your pinterest account with searches. (And Secret Engagement Ring Boards of Shame).

For those of you who read this regularly, you’ll know that — shocker — Stag and I are already married. (Confused AF as to why we’re getting an engagement ring now? Read our story.) You may be wondering, then, why get an engagement ring in the first place?

Well, Stag really wants to do a proposal with a ring; I love the idea of having our Forever Ring; and we both want to form the memory of that moment together. You get (hopefully) one proposal, one ring, one wedding and one marriage (again, hopefully) in your life. Stag and I want to make sure we have it all, in the way that suits us.

There are so many styles and settings, quality and colour, that you have to come armed with a frickin jeweller’s encyclopaedia to understand.

Despite all my whinging (“a hot man wants to propose to me with a fancy ring! Woe is me!”), there are a lot of positives about this whole engagement ring thing.

For one, doing the actual shopping is the best free day out ever. You get to wander from store to store with your future (or current) husband, trying out fantastic pieces of jewellery from all-too-friendly shop owners. All the while, you don’t spend a penny, because no one expects you to actually buy such a big investment piece on the spot. I remember turning to Stag after one sunny Sunday strolling down Hatton Garden and saying, “Can we do this every weekend? It’s a lot cheaper than another avocado-on-toast brunch.”

And of course, the other big perk: having a beautiful, quality investment piece on your finger. Both in the marriage and in the actual jewellery. If you read my latest Friday Finds about jewellery, you know that I am totally against cheap, falling-apart-as-you-buy-it high street jewellery. Quality over quantity, always. An engagement ring is the best quality piece you will own.

Needless to say, picking out an engagement ring is both the best thing — and the worst.

So yes, I’m asking you, all you married readers: how did you decide on an engagement ring? Did you know exactly what you want? Or were you, like me, loving a bit of everything? Did you shop for the ring together, or did he (or even you) pick it out? Did you find it an easy experience, or the best/worst? How long did it take you to pick it out?

Essentially, tell me everything you did, so I can figure this whole thing out via osmosis from your stories.

My Engagement Ring Picks

all pictures via pinterest.

Vintage or new? Oval or cluster? I may still have a few engagement ring questions, but I still know roughly what I like. Here are my picks of the prettiest rings this side of pinterest.
(Sorry, silver ring people). (Also, sorry for my very uneducated naming of these pics. I have no clue how to actually label them).

// Oval //

An oval diamond engagement ring with halo diamonds and rose gold band sits on a finger

// Round //

A round cluster diamond engagement ring with rose gold bands sits on a finger

// Pear //

// Solitaire //

// Something Unique //

What kind of engagement ring do you like? Do you have similar taste as me — or completely different?

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  • I’m not a huge jewellery person and would have struggled big time choosing a ring if I had to, since I’m also extremely indecisive. Luckily for me David did all the shopping in his own (with plenty of family help) and picked it out for me, so it was a lovely surprise. Next is the wedding, at some point haha since we’ve been engaged for 5 years now! xx

    Beauty with charm

    • That’s a lovely story! I loved that you trusted him to fully pick it out — and that he lived up to that trust :o) There is something so romantic about that, isn’t there? I think we’ve decided that Stag will design a ring for me, keeping the above pictures in mine.

      That’s so exciting you still have the wedding to come! Are you guys in the middle of planning? Or is that on hold, for now? Exciting days ahead! <3

  • Kiri Yanchenko

    You sure have picked some gorgeous looking rings.
    I never got to shop for mine – so this is really interesting to read.
    My husband got his brother in law to make mine and it was a huge surprise.
    In my dessert – he knows me so well.
    Set to Glow

    • That’s such a lovely story Kiri! I like how he had it in the dessert… good thing you didn’t accidentally eat it! And that’s so sweet about the family connection, with your brother-in-law making it. Your ring must hold such lovely family sentimental value to you! <3 Thanks for commenting!


  • I LOVE this post! I am so NOT into weddings and marriage in general, but I do love having a nosy at peoples’ engagement rings and what they chose! I know this isn’t going to be at all helpful, but ALL of your picks above would look stunning on you. And I had to laugh at your description of your style, as that’s me to a T. I wear a plain solitaire (having originally thought I’d want a blingy halo and diamond-filled channel band) from Christie’s with a channel-set eternity wedding band … meanwhile, my husband has lost his second £20 wedding band. 😀 😀 😀

    • Love this Jaime! It’s funny, I used to be very into weddings (well, other people’s). But of course, I got older, and the thought of having my own became more real. Quite suddenly, I found myself less keen on them! I also very much appreciate your comment that all the picks would look good — I hope so! — but then I’m left with, how do you pick JUST ONE of those even when they look visually similar?! I think we’ve decided that Nick (Stag) will design the ring. Risky, but considering my insurmountable indecision, it’s probably for the best! Your ring sounds beautiful, and actually, the idea of just a solitaire with a more detailed wedding band sounds so beautiful. Ugh, decisions! xx

  • AH, this is such a good topic!! As for how did I choose?! I didn’t, I have 7 completely different rings (all from Martin, of course) that reflect my different moods and I can pick accordingly! Haha, okay, that makes me sound really high maintenance… but, it works! 😉 And agreed, choosing one is impossible, especially when you love to dress for different moods!! xo


    • Oh my goodness V, I love this solution. This sounds like what I may need to do! But, can I ask, how do you have 7?! Are they all diamond (okay, this is sounding like the literal dream). Did Martin propose with all of them?! Or have you picked them up over the years? I feel like I need to hear this whole story in detail. However, I also LOVE this idea of having ones to suit your mood. Because boy, do I have moods, each one a unique ‘personality’ 😀 xx

      • Haha, I’m glad you’re into this and don’t think I’m crazy!! 😉 As for my rings?! Yes, all are diamond with the exception of one being a diamond halo with a dark blue topaz center. Oh and I just realized I have an 8th, a herkimer diamond in rose gold! Martin proposed with 1 ring (my original simple solitaire), which we picked out together, and then typically every few years we’ll pick out something special, or he’ll surprise me with a new ring. Ok, now I’m starting to sound crazy to myself. But yes, it’s a dream because I love being able to swap out for all my different moods/outfits!! xo

        • No really, this legit sounds like THE DREAM. I’m going for a rose gold or gold ring, but I keep thinking, “What if I decide to switch to silver?!” Having a few is actually a really nice way to do it. And very untraditional, which let’s be real, we all love to be unique :o) I hope one day you can show off your amazing collection to me! I’d love to hear the story behind each one. xx

          • Aw, thanks girl!! <3 And I can't wait to see what you pick… the rose gold sounds so pretty and is definitely a fave of mine!! Happiest Wednesday to you!! xo

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