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Getting my Jewellery On with Glitzbox

I have a bit of a complicated relationship with jewellery. If you’ve read my Jewellery Edit post, you know that I abhor cheap jewellery that is ruined after just a handful of wears. Bad for the environment, and bad for you wallet. But, the thought of forking out £200+ for one piece of jewellery fills me with “Can I afford rent this month?” dread.

What are you left with? NOTHING, that’s what.

That’s when Glitzbox got in touch with me. “A jewellery subscription service?” I asked myself, staring quizzically at the website. I had never bought into the ‘subscription box’ thing that seems to be all the rage. But, I could see the potential of this working with jewellery, especially with a focus on independent, local brands. I decided to give the Glitzbox a try.

Trying out a Jewellery Subscription with Glitzbox | Wolf & Stag
Wearing earrings from my first Glitzbox by Mei-Li Rose

Okay, maybe ‘discovered’ is a bit of a strong word. Let’s be real, it’s in-pyjamas-all-day me, and it’s jewellery. Simmer down, Eire.

Before rambling about my experience with Glitzbox, I should give you a bit more info as to what it’s all about. After subscribing, you complete a ‘style profile’ — a surprisingly detailed quiz of what kind of jewellery you like, what you wear, and in what metals.

Each month, you’re sent 3 pieces of individually-selected jewellery based on your profile. You can wear each piece to your heart’s content for the month, and with a handy little calendar attached to your box, you know exactly when to send them back in the pre-paid packaging. Or, if you’re enamoured with a piece, you can purchase it to keep. Simples.


Trying out a Jewellery Subscription with Glitzbox | Wolf & Stag

“Is that for me?” I asked Stag, letting out a happy ‘yay’ and bouncing over to the package resting on the table. “I never get mail!”

Stag stared at me in unamused bewilderment. “You literally get catalogues and ASOS packages all the time”

Ignoring him (no point arguing when he’s right. Sigh.), I ripped open the envelope to find my beautifully presented Glitzbox. Neatly wrapped inside layers of tissue I found three jewellery boxes, each one individually branded for the three designers. Included also was my ‘style profile’ booklet that detailed information about each designer, the pieces chosen for me, how much each piece cost, and (very handily) a calendar of when everything had to be sent back. Oh, and to my delight, a little jewellery polisher to keep!

My box was gold galore: a woven ring with some sparkle from Sharon Mills London; a playful, unique ‘7’ necklace from Tilly Sveas; and a pair of minimal, geometric dangling earrings from long-time favourite of mine, Mei-Li Rose.


While I loved all the pieces, I admit that none were ones I would have immediately picked out myself. And this, my friends, is makes this trial service so great: it allows you to try jewellery you may not have considered before. A hard task, considering jewellery is not one of those style items we can be so cavalier about (like New Look shoes, or ASOS orders).

The earrings, in particular, were the biggest change. Not because of the style, but because I never switch my earrings. I don’t know when this happened; sometime in my twenties, I stuck a pair of studs in my ears and now I’m 29.

I put on these Mei-Li Rose beauties and sashayed out into the living room. “You’re wearing earrings!” Stag exclaimed with delight when I walked past. “Does this mean I need to treat you out to a fancy date night?”

Why indeed, it does. Thank you for my date, Glitzbox.


Trying out a Jewellery Subscription with Glitzbox | Wolf & Stag

Clearly I’m running out of rhyming puns. SORRY.

Month two’s offering was a box of three silver pieces from a new crop of designers I had never heard of before: hammered hoop earrings from Phoebe Simpson; another pair of earrings from V Jewellery, ear jackets in pink sapphire and blue stone; and a two-toned hexagonal necklace from Monarc Jewellery.

I have to say, this box was a little less to my liking. They were items I wouldn’t normally pick out myself, sure, but wearing them didn’t quite suit me, either. Maybe it was because of the two-earrings-in-a-box thing. My old self can only handle so much change at once.

I also learned that I do not like coloured stones in jewellery, unless they are neutral enough to be colourless. Does that make me boring? Probably.

However, getting a chance to wear some silver jewellery — of which I have none — was like a breath of fresh air. I had been considering trying to mix up my metals a bit more. Glitzbox convinced me that I need some more silver staples in my life (going with this pun thing forever now, bye).


Trying out a Jewellery Subscription with Glitzbox | Wolf & Stag
Wearing my Sharon Mills ring from Glitzbox 1

Okay, the first question: did I enjoy the Glitzox service? Absolutely!  Getting to try out such beautiful pieces from such talented, interesting London-based designers was a dream-come-true. Glitzbox does an amazing job of making the service feel special, each beautifully-wrapped box catered exclusively for you. It’s an exciting, slightly addictive surprise to receive in the mail.

But, the big question: am I a jewellery-subscription-box convert? Honestly — no. Mostly because, well, at this juncture of my life, I don’t have the disposable income to buy jewellery regularly. I pretty much have my wedding ring, those earrings in my ears, and one necklace I love, and that’s it. One day, maybe I’ll have a collection. But for now, it’s a no for me.

However, if you are one who wants jewellery from independent designers at a good price point, this is the service for you. Give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll find the pieces that really work for you.

Glitzbox kindly let me tried the service complimentary for two months. However, all opinions and reviews here are my own.

Have you tried Glitzbox before? Or another jewellery subscription service? What did you think of it?

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  • Your photos are SO beautiful. And this jewellery looks amazing on you! Love.

    • Ahhh thanks! I was so worried these pics didn’t all come together. So it means SO much to read your lovely comment! It’s also making me realise I need 1. cuter shelf space and 2. a nicer camera lens *wails* xx

  • Emma Fisher

    I used to wear so much jewellery but in the last few years i stopped…..UNTIL i started silversmithing earlier this year and now I am wearing so much bling all the time. I’m like a walking windcharm 😉

    • Hahahaha a walking windcharm is the best kind of look! So, excuse my ignorance, but what is silersmithing? Is that making your own jewellery? Because it sounds AMAZING and like a badass medieval witchery profession (which of course I love). I used to wear a LOT of jewellery — and a lot of bling jewellery — but I’ve stopped over the past few years. I think I’m gravitating towards minimalism (or just becoming more boring in my old age, either or!). xx