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Hotel Review: Riad Kniza, Marrakech

(The next post in our Travel Month series. Read the others here.). Guys, it’s hot today. Like really hot. Having just checked my thermostat, my balmy working conditions of 29 degrees inside my living room is preventing me slightly from coming up with coherent sentences. And words. Words are hard. Hilariously, London right now is about 8 degrees warmer than it was when we visited the Riad Kniza in Marrakech back in May, and with considerably more sunshine than we experienced in the typically-scorching country. Call us (un)lucky that we missed the heat. But consider us very lucky that we stumbled upon the beautiful, charming Riad Kniza* for our stay in Marrakech’s Medina.

Archways and tile details at Riad Kniza, MarrakechAfter leaving the serene Hotel Capaldi (want to know what that was like? read the full review here), we were a bit worried about suddenly encountering the mad throng that is Marrakech’s city streets. We arrived at Bab Doukkala — one of the gates entering Marrakech’s Medina — and luckily for us, our transfer driver walked us straight to the Riad, because I don’t think we were even quite prepared for that 3-minute walk. It is bustling. Like motorbikes screeching past, animal carcases littered about, people everywhere kind of in-your-face bustling. After we settled in over a few days, we learned that the area surrounding Riad Kniza actually is the most intense part of the whole medina.

Fountains at Riad Kniza, MarrakechHowever, once you weave your way down the alley off the main road and bang on the heavy-set wood door, everything changes. Calm emerges. Serenity greets you like a welcome friend. And by ‘serenity,’ I mean the most welcoming hotel receptionists you’ll ever meet. They rushed us inside for a soothing mint tea and traditional Moroccan biscuits before getting down to business. This is the kind of hospitability I have now come to learn (and love) about Morocco.

We were told we were upgraded for our stay, which was a welcome surprise after the Capaldi. Like many riads, the rooms themselves are quite dark. But what they lack in sunshine, they make up for in spades with rich ambience.Fruit bowl at Riad Kniza, Marrakech

Left: Stag has no clue I took this photo. Right: Hey gurl hey.

Breakfast at the Riad Kniza, Marrakech
Breakfast at the Riad Kniza. A feast of carbs and delight.

Red velvets, colourful mosaics, golden cushions and detailed decorations were a plenty in our two-story suite. Our room captured best that rich Moroccan decor I had expected to see during our stay. The downstairs included a lounge room and separate toilet, and upstairs was our bedroom and bathroom, complete with high rainfall shower. It was more space than we could have asked for, but exactly what we needed during this relaxing holiday.

Eire Pollard in a Zara red top, Hush black cottons trousers, Ray Ban sunglasses and a hat on top of the Riad Kniza, Marrakech


We quickly dropped our stuff off and left to explore the rest of the Riad Kniza. Little details — such as the bubbling central fountain, numerous cushion-filled lounge rooms, and hidden seat nooks — were what made the Riad so spectacular.The pool at Riad Kniza, Marrakech

The pool — while serene and calming — lacked some of the splendour you often see in pictures of Riad pools. Having so many hallways off of it, It felt more like an ‘in-between’ space rather than a destination, which may explain why Stag and I barely spent any time by the pool. (Stag will probably read this and say, “What are you talking about?! I loved the pool!” I’m the Negative Nancy of the relationship).

The rooftop of the Riad Kniza, Marrakech

The rooftop of the Riad Kniza, MarrakechThe rooftop of the Riad Kniza, MarrakechHowever, while I may not have had an instant click with the pool area, the rooftop lounge was another story. With not one but two areas to lounge, dine, and soak up the sun, the rooftop was by far the best part of the Riad Kniza. Plants and flowers were placed pretty much everywhere, which of course I loved; and the views of minarets and the Medina below were unparalleled.

Traditional Moroccan tea and biscuits at the Riad Kniza, Marrakech

The rooftop of the Riad Kniza, MarrakechMy favourite part about our stay at Riad Kniza? The fact that you could have breakfast and/or a round of mint tea pretty much anywhere. We had our breakfast (while good, nowhere near the delightful deliciousness we experienced at Hotel Capaldi) two mornings in our room and one morning on the rooftop. And on one particularly cloudy day, we decided to spend a few hours whiling away the time reading on the roof with a Moroccan tea — which to our surprise arrived again with an array of traditional Moroccan biscuits.Eire Pollard in a Zara red top, Hush black cottons trousers, Ray Ban sunglasses and a hat on top of the Riad Kniza, Marrakech

Would we stay there again? Probably not, mostly because I am now thirsting to try every Riad in Marrakech if I can. Also, Riad Kniza does not come cheap; we could only afford this place because it was on a Secret Escapes deal. However, importantly, would we recommend others to come here? Absolutely, without a doubt!

*Riad Kniza is, well, expensive. We managed to get it half price on a Secret Escapes deal. If you want to stay at the Riad but it’s a bit out of your budget, make sure to sign up to things like SecretEscapes, TravelZoo and other travel discount websites, as you may get lucky and find a deal!

Riad Kniza Marrakech
34 Derb l’Hotel
Bab Doukala, Marrakech

Have you stayed at the Riad Kniza? If so, what did you think? If not — where have you stayed in Marrakech?

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  • Ellis Beardsley

    These photos are gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco, and I want to even more so now!


    • Thanks so much Ellis! It really is a beautiful country, and staying in a traditional riad is half the enjoyment. I hope you do get to go, one day!

  • Love it. It looks really nice 🙂 I never been in Marrakech, but I want 🙂

    Flung out of space

    • Thanks so much Daniela! Marrakech really is a lovely, exotic place, and I hope you get to visit one day soon :o)

  • Such a beautiful place, I would probably run around the hotel with my camera like crazy haha trying to capture every little corner. Food looks great too! Can’t wait to visit Morocco xx

    • Thanks so much Naya! I hope you get to visit at some point, too. Yes, it was pretty hard NOT to run around all day with my camera, which is why I pretty much just took a zillion pictures of the rooftop xx

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  • Today Souhaila

    this hotelis so pretty ,reminds me of The tales of thousand and one nights hh ,sounds like you had a magial stay x

    • That’s a great tale, and a really wonderful reference! I’m so glad it gives you the same feeling, I guess that is what I was trying to encapsulate <3 Thanks SO much for commenting! x