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Hotel Review: The Hoxton, Amsterdam

I will admit: I am quite biased writing this post. For one, I live in Shoreditch not too far from the original Hoxton Hotel — local enough to even have hosted a party there once. I also am forever “working from home” (a.k.a, from hotels and cafes that will feed me and let me use their wifi). The Hoxton/The Hoxton Holborn have become my two favourite go-to spots. But actually staying in the hotel? Spoiler alert: I loved The Hoxton Amsterdam. Having stayed in independent hotels quite literally around the world, I’m a pretty good judge on whether hotels are worth it — or not. The Hoxton Amsterdam? Worth it.

Our stay at The Hoxton Amsterdam began — like all good trips do — with a 3 a.m wake-up call and a seemingly-forever-taking trek through cobblestone streets, cumbersome suitcase in tow. (It actually took 15 minutes. The Hoxton is super close to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station. I’m just a princess when I’m tired).

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A bit disoriented and tired as can be, we made it to The Hoxton Amsterdam. The hotel faces one of the many stunning canals smack-dab in the Nine Streets area, a grid of waterways and canal-homes each more beautiful than the last. Stag, being ‘in-the-moment’ wonderful husband that he is, turned to me right as we reached the hotel building: “Why don’t we just stop for a moment and appreciate this view together?”

I — the Harbinger of Ruined Moments — humoured him for about five seconds before I yanked his sleeve. “Okay, that’s enough. We have less than 3 days to see this entire city, and this gal needs a coffee before do that”

Who says romance is dead?

Hotel Review: The Hoxton Amsterdam | Wolf & Stag

As soon as we stepped inside the hotel reception area, though, I was instantly at ease. Much like its London counterparts, the Amsterdam outpost has a certain ‘buzz’ about it, full of young creatives working, friends brunching and Shoreditch-types meeting for coffee chats. Essentially, like everywhere in East London.

At the hotel check-in, the incredibly friendly (and, of course, super hip) receptionists instantly handed us bottles of water, which I gratefully downed immediately. After chatting, they provided us with a very useful list of recommended neighbourhood spots to eat and drink. All independent, and all exactly the type of places we’d want to be visiting: half were already on my itinerary.

Hotel Review: The Hoxton Amsterdam | Wolf & Stag

We made our way to our room to freshen up for the day. As usual, we went for the Standard Room — our budget doesn’t allow for anything more, really — and although the room was small as expected, it surprised us how un-small it felt. The interiors were spotless: every design element was put in its best place, which meant nothing felt clunky or in the way.


Little touches — the old-fashioned radio playing upbeat music when we arrived, cold water in the mini-fridge, a nice array of teas, coffees and biscuits — were delightful surprises. Breakfast arrived at your door in the morning via a brown bag you left on your door handle at night, at the time you requested. This was a wonderful little perk for perpetual snoozers like us.

However, the breakfast of orange juice, a banana and a small pot of yoghurt was really more like a snack (which is made clear when booking — so we were fine with this). Just something to be aware of, if you like a bigger breakfast in the morning and are budgeting a trip. Make sure to factor in an extra breakfast. Like a visit to Pancakes Amsterdam nearby. Just saying.


I’m often a stickler for bathroom quality in hotels. The one in The Hoxton Amsterdam, of course, was spotless, with a modern black-and-white scheme that I’m sure Stag would want in our future home. His 6’3″ self was also very pleased with the tall standing shower. Tall people: rejoice!

Hotel Review: The Hoxton Amsterdam | Wolf & Stag


Although we’ve been to The Hoxton branches to work and eat no less than a zillion times, this was the first time we had ever stayed as a guest in one of the hotels. And I would be lying if I didn’t say, well, I felt special because of it. Excited, in the way I only get when I’ve come to a great boutique, interesting hotel.

The important question, then: would we stay at The Hoxton Amsterdam again? Absolutely, on any trip tto Amsterdam. Stag and I are now attempting to find an excuse to stay in The Hoxton’s London branches. Perhaps a staycation is in our future?

The Hoxton
Herengracht 255016 BJ
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Have you stayed in The Hoxton Amsterdam? What did you think? Have you stayed in any of the other Hoxton locations worldwide? Or even — gasp — in London? The dream!


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  • We stayed here with my parents last December (I also wrote a post about it haha!) and we loved it! My parents thought it was too hip and trendy for them, though hehe! But they still really enjoyed it. Everyone was SO NICE. I was like “WHY ARE YOU BEING SO NICE. BE MORE LONDON.”

    xo Jaime

    • I feel you about parents not enjoying your ‘hip and trendy’ lifestyle 😀 When mine came to visit us in London a few months ago, I had planned to show them all the good spots in our Shoreditch neighbourhood (Dishoom, Andina, Columbia Road Flower Market, etc.). My mom? “Can we go to a Turkish takeaway? And McDonalds?” Because why eat anything else when you’re Turkish-American? *sob*

      Also, yes they were SO nice! I really loved staying there, so much, especially as my first time in a Hoxton hotel. Also, really, really sorry about the overlapping content :/ I’m sure mine is just a poor man’s substitute of yours, as your photography skills are SO good xx

  • ahhh lady your photos are so beautiful. i loooove ♥

    myself and my boyfriend are also perpetual snoozers and always manage to miss breakfast (for real – even pancakes don’t get this girl up when she’s snoooozing!) so i would really be appreciating that brown bag haha

    katie xx

    • Thank you soooo much for your lovely comment, Katie! Seriously, I think I am biologically incapable of waking up before 9am and not feeling tired. Nick? Raise that to NOON. So totally feel you on the snoozing aspect! It was so nice to be able to wake up whenever and find that on the door: no disruption, no stress. Amsterdam was a really relaxed city, so you never felt like you ‘missed out’ for taking your time. x

  • ToppedWith

    Eire your pictures are AMAZING, literally like a pages from a classic interior magazine! Such a great work, well done honey! I think little touches is what makes Hoxton such a wonderful hotel. Haven’t stayed in any of their locations so can not comment on the rooms but we enjoyed couple of drinks in their lobby area in Amsterdam. Loved the beat, the hip atmosphere and the drinks were spot on. xx

    • Polina, thank you so much!! I genuinely thought these pictures looked a bit “meh.” I’m always trying to improve my photography, but it can be slow going sometimes.

      I agree about The Hoxton; if we hadn’t stayed there, I think even just a drink in the bar would have given us a good idea of what they’re all about. The little touches, the ‘hip’ feeling, and the sense they really do quality over quantity. We should go work from one of their London outposts, one day! xx

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