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Interiors Inspiration: Bathroom

Otherwise known as “A Post to Help Curb Eire’s Home Shopping Habits.” Stag and I frequently declare to each other in a sunny, relaxation-fuelled weekend bliss, “I absolutely love our flat.” It’s our first home, where we had our ‘first engagement’ and will forever be the place where we started our life together.

However, despite our declarations of love, our flat is not without its ‘adorable’ quirks (I use that term most ironically), old-London-flat grottiness and single-glazing temperature woes. I’m sure many London-dwelling renters can relate. And yet, all these gripes aside, the one thing we both complain about whole-heartedly is, in fact, our bathroom.

In that same lazy-Sunday-morning-over-a-pot-of-coffee conversation, Stag will often ask me, “What would you do the bathroom, if we could change it?”

“Well, for one, I’d get a toilet that actually works,” I’ll respond with a wistful gleam in my eye. “Can you imagine?”

Stag will usually then roll his eyes at me, wondering at my lack of imagination. “Dream higher, babes.”

“A sink tap that doesn’t drip?”


“A shower head properly attached to the wall, one that won’t try to bring about your early demise via a Final Destination-esque decapitation when you’re least expecting it?”

“No!… err, yes, that.. But also, what I mean is, if you could redesign the whole thing, what would you do?” I’d begin to ponder, when Stag would already have an entire plan outlined ready to share.

(I should also comment to all future visitors to our flat; it’s really not that bad. Just, well, ‘quirky.)

Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with our bathroom. Which is funny, because I know exactly what I’d do with every other room in our flat if we weren’t renting. If you think about it, bathrooms are an odd space; both the dirtiest and also the cleanest space in your home, one often overlooked for its practicality, and yet, such a daily necessity, having a nice one just makes everyday that much more enjoyable.

I’ve attempted little things to make our bathroom more spa-like, such as including a The White Company orange grove candle (smells divine), some pretty decorations from Anthropologie, and a touch of greenery.

But really, what Stag and I both dream of is a new, fresh space. Beautifully tiled. Gloriously clean. Not a bit of dirty grout in sight. Perfection forever, because clearly we’d live inside a Pinterest picture. Sigh

I may not know what I want to do with our current bathroom, but I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I like. My Interiors Inspiration pictures are below, all taken from my Pinterest board. 

Which one is your favourite?

Interiors Inspiration: Bathroom

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Homeowners: what’s your bathroom like? Renters: would you change yours, if you could?


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