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Mother Sweatshirt

For all my fellow under-a-rock dwellers, here’s what you’ve been missing in the fashion world: slogans are everywhere. From tees proclaiming ‘fun bags’ to shirts covered in french phrases (which clearly I love, even though I don’t understand a word of it), clothing with a statement is big. You’ll have seen me rocking my fave slogan tee in this post, proof that I wholeheartedly love this trend. And now, with International Women’s Day just behind us — and Mother’s Day just around the corner — this Mother sweatshirt from understated British brand &Sons is the item I’m coveting most.

&Sons mother sweatshirt | Forever 21 jeans | Dune flats | Knomo Bag | Wolf & Stag


&Sons are a primarily unisex clothing company I’d first heard about through a Redchurch Street popup a while back, and I immediately loved the brand’s street style look and focus-on-quality ethos. Their mantra, “The World Needs Pioneers,” speaks to me of adventure, innovation and craftsmanship, a purpose and story told through personal style. This is definitely the kind of branding I can get behind.


I will admit that I was at first rather skeptical about the idea of ‘unisex clothing’. Yes I know, I am not the girliest of girls in the world (which I’ve rambled about before), but the thought of my 5’5″ self attempting any form of menswear filled me with a fear of becoming frumpiness incarnate.

And then I saw how amazing their model looked in the Mother sweatshirt (as well as the model in the overalls — how cute is she?!), and I knew I had to give it a try. Frumpiness be damned.


Boy, was I glad I gave it a try. This sweatshirt is A DREAM. Cozy, soft fabric, almost like cashmere to the touch; oversized to be roomy, not shapeless; and the bright, fun red of the ‘Mother &SONS’ slogan both bold and yet subtle enough to make this top an instant classic. I’ve spoken about my mission to only fill my closet with quality, capsule pieces — and, in the process of doing so, support the brands that make these items — and this &Sons Mother sweatshirt fits the bill.

Maximising the East London ‘freelancer who pretty much never leaves home’ look (a.k.a, ME), I’ve teamed my sweatshirt with a pair of worn boyfriend jeans and my trusty Knomo laptop bag, adding a sporty flair to the mix. To keep the look from appearing all a bit ‘boyish,’ add a slightly more polished shoe; I’ve chosen my leopard-print loafers.

&Sons mother sweatshirt | Forever 21 jeans | Dune flats | Knomo Bag | Wolf & Stag


This sweatshirt is so great that I’ve even had a few friends ask about it for Mother’s Day. If it’s good enough for mom, then it’s definitely good enough for me.

&Sons sweatshirt | Forever 21 jeans | Dune flats | Knomo Bag | Wolf & Stag

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S


Are you loving the slogan tee/sweatshirt trend as much as I am? What do you think of this &Sons mother sweatshirt? What’s your most coveted slogan piece? Let me know!


*(c/o) This item was kindly given to me to review. You can always trust that I will be 100% truthful in my reviews, and I will only support brands I love & wear. Thank you for also supporting such great brands, too!

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  • Always love your outfit posts! I’ve been REALLY getting into sweatshirts lately again. I have one from Amsterdam I bought that I LOVE and I’m finding myself reaching for them on the weekends more and more!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Jaime! There’s something about a good sweatshirt: comforting like a bowl of soup, yet (yay fashion) cool enough to wear out and about. I’d love to see that one you got from Amsterdam. We’re actually heading there in June! x

      • Yay! I want to go back to Amsterdam when the weather’s warmer, so we may head over in the summer again as well! I’ll have to snap a pic of my sweatshirt – I’ve posted it on Instagram a couple times, but you have to stop by the storeI got it f rom, Nuvo Niche, in the Jordaan. It’s owned by a mother and daughter, who are lovely!

        • SUPER helpful tip Jaime, thank you! I’ll definitely stop by, as that shop sounds so lovely. I will also now stalk your instagram until I find the sweatshirt :o) I hope you get a chance to go back this summer! x

  • The Sunday Mode

    I don’t really have any slogan pieces in my wardrobe but I love how you’ve styled this outfit! It looks so effortless but still really put together, if that makes sense.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I always feel like my outfits are very “basic” in that I tend to dress very casually/simply. So it’s nice to hear such a lovely comment. I definitely recommend a slogan piece; they’re fun without being too out there. x

  • Loved this outfit! Sweatshirts are liiiife lol I need to get some more, yours is so cool!

    Naya //

    • Thank you so much Naya! Sweatshirts are amazing, cozy at home but ‘put together’ enough to wear out in public. They’re also amazing because I am a constant state of being cold (thanks UK weather). If you get one definitely show it to me! xx