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Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read

My favourite blogs, run by genuine, interesting women, ones that are worth wading through allll the content for. Otherwise known as: “I quite literally think about and work on blogs all.day.long, and I still want to read these blogs because, trust me, they’re GOOD.”

Do you regularly read blogs? I assume you do because, well, you’re here. I admit that I was a much, much more avid reader of them before I was a blogger myself. Which, if I’m honest, is one of my least favourite parts about blogging: the fact that I so rarely have time to read other blogs. There is so much amazing content out there, talent unbounded, that I wish I could make a living of just delving into it. Sigh. The dream.

However, there are a few blogs that still get me all excited when the ‘new post’ notification comes in. Okay, more than a few — which is why I am considering this Part One, because this is in no way an exhaustive list.

So, if you’re looking to expand your reads or get a few more blogs on your Feedly, here are six of my favourite blogs to read regularly.

Have I missed your ultimate favourite off the list? (ME, of course!). Do let me know in the comments, as I am always, always on the hunt for beautiful, genuine, interesting and well-written blogs to follow.

All photos are by the owners of the respective blogs.


Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read - A Model Recommends | Wolf & Stag

Very few bloggers do comedy and satire very well. A bold, sweeping statement (I know), but it’s because most blogs are there to be informative or as a diary. Ruth Crilly, however, is the huge, hilarious exception to this rule — and her blog A Model Recommends is a beauty blog. No other blogger has actually made me LOL while reading (or watching) about the best foundations to try. But Ruth will make you, through her candid, frank take on life, motherhood, and of course, beauty.


Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read - Angloyankophile | Wolf & Stag

Embarrassing fact: I’ve gotten to the point of praising Jaime of Angloyankophile‘s writing/photography/general awesomeness so often that people recognise me for it. Talk about ‘simmer down, Eire.’ But seriously, once you’ve read through one of Jaime’s posts, you will understand my love of this lifestyle and travel blog. Writing as smooth as butter, photography that will have you staring for days, all wrapped into a personal story that’s, quite frankly, a joy to read. She’s the blogger I aspire to be like as I grow. Just give me her wordsmith skillz, please-and-thank-you.


Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read - Style & Minimalism | Wolf & Stag

Want a lesson in how to make minimal, classic fashion items look modern and cool? Vikki of Style & Minimalism is your answer. This woman nails street style like no other, and her outfit photos always feature an array of independent, quality brands that I am thrilled to have on my radar. She is also so very lovely and genuine, which comes across in her natural, effortless style (you will see this is a theme of these bloggers!). For style, this is one of my favourite blogs to read, alongside Lucy of Fashion Me Now (below).


Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read - The Anna Edit | Wolf & Stag

Hilarious, witty and with content that is actually useful, Anna of The Anna Edit is the epitome of ‘lifestyle blogger who’s nailed it.’ The topics of her post really do range, although I find myself gravitating towards her style and productivity posts (a.k.a the things that make me go help me please). She’s one of those bloggers who you can tell is genuine in every word she writes — well-written ones at that. A rarity in today’s blogging world, and what will keep me devouring every post she publishes.


Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read - Fashion Me Now | Wolf & Stag


Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now is undoubtedly my ultimate girl crush. Besides Gal Gadot, obvs (no one will ever replace her in my heart). This woman has the most impeccable style, and everything she touches instantly looks put-together, effortless and cool. Basically, everything I am not. Which maybe explains why I fawn over her fashion looks, travel pictures and book reviews. And why she is so incredibly famous (and a model). I mainly visit her blog for the style inspo and for the brand suggestions, but her writing is good, too. Because of course it is,


Loving Lately: My Favourite Blogs to Read - Thirteen Thoughts | Wolf & Stag

While the rest of us are off being ‘lifestyle bloggers’ with an arsenal of haphazard content (a.k.a ME), Paula of Thirteen Thoughts has her blog look perfected. Her posts range from beauty to blogging & life advice, all through a very black-white-pink lens that is nothing but distinctive. Quite literally: I can always tell when a photograph is hers anywhere. She’s also lovely (because she wasn’t perfect already, ugh) and really genuine in her posts. I’ve found myself bookmarking her blogging & advice posts time and time again.

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