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My Favourite Salon in London: Ralph & Rice

Featured image via Ralph & Rice. So you know how celebs/bloggers/annoying people in your life have ‘their’ salon that they always go to? The ‘hair stylist’ they can only trust to do their hair? Yep, you can tell I am not one of those people. Not because of lack of want, but because A.) I am financially dependent on first-time Treatwell discounts (my hair is  fucking expensive and loooooong, people) and B). I hadn’t found one I liked enough yet.

Well, a few Mondays ago, one salon was able to break through my cynical shell and bring me that ohhh I get it now! moment that I had been wanting to find: Ralph & Rice. My favourite salon in London.

I should clarify: this post isn’t sponsored. No, this post is purely because in one hair session, Ralph & Rice managed to make me feel so good about my hair that I want to write this post and tell you all about them. Magic powers, perhaps, but definitely no sponsorship here. Genuine, honest love.

Ralph & Rice is a relatively new salon that, conveniently, happen to be in my East London neighbourhood on Cheshire Street. The decor is everything you’d want from a salon: hip, quirky, welcoming while still managing to be Pinterest lustworthy.

I had my hair done by owner Anita, who designed the salon herself (during my appointment, I tried to convince her to go into a career of interior design and do my flat…). On that slow, rainy Monday morning, I was the only client in, which sometimes can feel awkward. But not with Anita, whom I felt immediately like was my best friend within 30 seconds of entering.

This was the first time I’ve ever left a salon 100% happy with my hair — fact.

But okay, decor and friendliness only go so far. The proof of why they deserve to be loved is in the hair-shaped pudding. As in my hair. Which, at the time of my appointment, I hadn’t had done is 6 months (shame). I requested a balayage-esque colour that would allow me to go another 6 months before my next appointment (double shame), and something less blond than my current one.

Anita did the ‘flamboyage’ on my hair, which is something like a balayage but less drastic. More shimmery, golden-meets-bronze, subtle-type thing. Okay I have absolutely no idea what she did (although she did tell me). But it was pure wizardry and that’s what matters. This was the first time I’ve ever left a salon 100% happy with my hair — fact.

One of the other reasons I was drawn to this salon was the fact that they are a Davines salon — my favourite hair brand ever. Another post will come about why I love them so. For now, trust me that this is a good thing, and your hair will thank you.

Flamboyage: from £70
Ralph & Rice Salon is located at 12 Cheshire St, London E2 6EH

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  • I had no idea Flamboyage was a thing now, but it’s definitely what I will be asking for in my hair appointment next week (let’s just hope they know what I am talking about haha). I am yet to find a good salon that I like in London hence why I’m getting my hair done when flying back to Ireland in a week’s time but will keep this in mind as it looks lovely. BTW your hair is amazing #hairgoals x

    Beauty with charm

    • I think the Flamboyage may only be for Davines salons… weird I know! Exciting about your hair appointment! When is it, and what do you think you’ll do? Totally understand about wanting to go back home to get an appointment. London salons are expensive and often not worth it. It’s why I wanted to write this post; it was such good value for money, and my hair looked amazing!

      Thanks for your lovely comment :o) x

  • In love with your hair!

  • Salon is so cozy and you’re so right – your hair looks bomb! I would love to visit it when I stop by in London xx

    Naya //

    • Well if you’re ever in London you MUST let me know anyway so we could meet up! The salon is also conveniently located in my neighbourhood. Do you have a fave salon?


      • I really like one in NYC called Rita Hazan; it is crazily expensive, but so worth it. People working there are wizards! I will surely let you know if I come to London xx