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Hotel Review: The Hoxton, Amsterdam

I will admit: I am quite biased writing this post. For one, I live in Shoreditch not too far from the original Hoxton Hotel — local enough to even have hosted a party there once. I also am forever “working from home” (a.k.a, from hotels and cafes that will feed me and let me use their wifi). The Hoxton/The Hoxton Holborn have become my two favourite go-to spots. But actually staying in the hotel? Spoiler alert: I loved The Hoxton Amsterdam. Having stayed in independent hotels quite literally around the world, I’m a pretty good judge on whether hotels are worth it — or not. The Hoxton Amsterdam? Worth it.

Interiors Inspiration: How to Style a Coffee Table (For Real Homes)

Featured image: Atelier RibeWithout sounding too boastful — and while having absolutely no qualification to state this  — I like to think I have a fairly good ‘interiors eye.’ It may be the copious amount of Pinterest pictures I browse on a given day. But generally, when hunting for new home items and placing them in a space, I have a gut instinct as to what works, and what doesn’t.

This is true, except for one glaringly obvious part of every living room: the coffee table. Yep, main room in every house’s focal point, the decorative near-star of the show, only second to the sofa. Or maybe third to the TV. An important piece that, when I attempt to decorate, I blunder and fail miserably. It’s both a decorative feature and a useful, practical part of daily life. How do you combine the two, for real people who don’t live in Home & Garden magazine (sigh)? Decorating a coffee table is hard, guys. Let’s learn together how to do this right.

Discovering Grown-Up Pyjamas in a Blue Marmalade Nightdress

The in-your-thirties clock is tick-tick-ticking ever closer. And I, for one, am not quite ready for it. (She says as hides under her duvet, shirking all responsibility, with a cup of tea and a YA fantasy book in hand. Ah, sweet youth). However, as much as I may have the sense of humour of a child (sneezes are hilarious, people), and I secretly wish I could still watch cartoons after school (#noshame), there is one way I am ready to embrace my classy grown-up self: wearing sophisticated, elegant nightwear. My first step towards achieving this? Donning a nightdress, a beautiful one at that, from one of my favourite nightwear brands for quality, beautiful things to sleep in: Blue Marmalade.

Let’s Talk About… Losing Inspiration

As I’m writing this, I am literally thinking, “Ugh, I don’t want to be writing this.” Do you ever just get bouts of not-wanting-to. As in, not wanting to do much of anything? Where it feels like that zest of life, that zeal for experiences and that love of exercising your creativity — just kind of vanish? Losing inspiration can be one of the worst feelings in the world, especially for creators, bloggers or content managers (yep, I’m all three. Double ugh.). How do you get it back? Is it always a bad thing, to lose your creative inspiration?

Travel Style: What I Wore in Amsterdam

Because #travelbug, pretty much as soon as we came home after our Marrakech trip, we hopped right back on a plane and flew to Amsterdam. We chose our trip right before the summer solstice, because, well, (almost) 8 years living in Europe, and I still get so excited to see that sky stay light well into the night. Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world, an important accolade considering the number of countries I’ve been to.