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The Net-a-Porter Sale Edit (Under $300)

IT’S SALE TIME. I am not normally one to advocate ‘BUY MORE IT’S SALE.’ BUT, I firmly believe that we should all be buying fewer-but-better material items (I’ve written whole blog posts talking about my strive for this). The problem is, ‘quality’ is almost always synonymous with ‘expensive.’ As it should be; good, ethical items should cost more, right? But not all of us have the budget for it. Which makes sale periods the perfect time to invest in quality items you will love season after season. Net-a-porter — purveyor of beautiful designer clothes I wish I could be draping myself in all the time — have just announced their sale. Here’s what I’m lusting after (and what I’ve already snapped up!), all under $300. Because mama still needs money to buy tacos.

Life Update: Engaged, Thirty, Move

I’M BAAAAAAAACK. Three(ish) weeks away, and it honestly felt like a lifetime. Sometimes, it feels to me that the longer I am away at something, the harder it is for me to start back up again. Have you ever experienced this? Oddly, I am the most guilty of this with things I enjoy doing. Go figure. Glutton for punishment, I suppose?

Rambling aside, I owe you lovely lot explanation of where the heck I’ve been these last few weeks. WELL. You know how, in every person’s life, they will have milestones — moments of celebration, of excitement, of change and of memory? And for most people, these milestones will happen throughout their life, a few select occasions that they will have to recall on forever?

Yeah. I’ve managed to fit a bunch of these big life moments into a week-and-a-half period. And then move to another city, in another country. Because stress is FUN.

‘Tis the Season… for Photo Holiday Cards (with Basic Invite)*

You guys. It’s officially the holiday season. No, seriously. I have absolutely no idea where October went — not in the “Oh goodness, this month flew by!” kind of way, more in the “We just moved 5,000 miles and I have no idea what day it is” kind of way. More on how we’ve squeezed every big life event into October 2017 later. Right now, I’m jumping head-first into the holiday season — which, considering my penchant for all-things Autumnal, is very unlike me. But once I got my hands on these beautiful, personalised holiday cards from Basic Invite*, I felt my cold, Grinch-like heart thaw a little. Bring on Christmas!

Friday Finds: The Best Midi & Maxi Dresses for Autumn

Okay, confession time guys: I felt a wee bit uncomfortable in the maxi dress I’m rocking in these photos. It was one of those dresses that I spotted in a Zara when I was feeling particularly frivolous and confident, and I tried it on and immediately felt as cool as Stevie Nicks.

Wolf & Stag Adventures: Orta San Giulio, Italy

Because our trip to Orta San Giulio was for a wedding, this post won’t be the typical ‘guide’ post I share. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on doing a post about our most recent trip at all. Contrary to what I probably should do, I like to make a conscious effort to shut down ‘Blogger Eire’ when doing stuff with friends and family. However, Orta San Giulio — the cobble-streeted, mountain-viewed, ‘old-charm’-Italian lake town that it was — is too breathtaking not to share with you.