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Pink & Cashmere

This post is an ode to two things in fashion I’d never thought I’d be loving: the colour pink and cashmere. Pink because — well, let’s be honest, I pretty much dress like a rain cloud going to a funeral most days. Pink is just not something you’d ever find in my wardrobe. And cashmere because, despite what other high street fashion bloggers like to tell me, £100+ is not an “affordable” price for a jumper, no matter what it’s made of. Some of us enjoy being able to afford things like food and shelter in a given month, too.


What miraculous event occurred that changed my grinch-like attitude? Firstly, the colour blush suddenly became popular. And oh my goodness, isn’t it just divine? Like a cloud meets soft pastels having a baby with rose gold. This colour has brought out the romantic-fashion side of me I never knew existed. (If you love blush-coloured things as much as me, check out the most beautiful blog called Whistle and a Whim — I wish I could live inside of it).

And secondly, I started working from home 3-4 days a week. In my corporate-office-working days, my fashion mantra was”Let’s pretend to look like a ‘serious businesswoman.” Now, it’s “how can I essentially dress in PJs but still look appropriate to go to the post office?”


I’ve never been one who cared about the material of my clothes before, and now I find myself peering over my glasses, diligently reading the label of everything I may buy. “Will this be soft down the line?” I’ll ask myself. “Will this make me feel cozy?”  Comfort has now become my word of choice, and I find myself drawn to things like silk, cashmere, quality pyjamas, mugs and slippers and all things of never going outside.

Quality over quantity, I now tell myself. It’s something I’m trying to apply to all aspects of my life, heading more towards a minimalist, honed edit of items in my life (a whole post will be coming about this soon — stay tuned!).

Pink & Cashmere | Wolf & Stag

What I’m Wearing

Cashmere Jumper: Boden | Denim: Boss Orange (sold out online) | Boots: Elle (sold out from La Redoute, but you apparently can buy them from Amazon for £20) | Coat: Zara (old, similar here)

Now I will admit: this cashmere sweater I am wearing is not very cheap. I managed to have a bunch of Boden voucher and coupon things to make this relatively affordable. However, I will say that if you’re interested in investing in some cashmere, now is the best time to do it. Pretty much everything cashmere goes on sale after Christmas, because apparently stores think people only aim to have cosy materials in the run up to Christmas. Fact: in the rubble of a Zara sale, I managed to find a 100% cashmere sweater for £30. It was like my life had only been leading up to that moment.


Other great places to get some below £100 Cashmere? Uniqlo do all theirs at £69.90 (love this one here). M&S have washable cashmere, which is like a hero among men (this one‘s on sale and so cute!). Boden is also a great place to get reduced cashmere, like this grey one here.

My other tip? It may go without saying, but as this is a bit of an investment, stick with classic shapes and neutral colours. A breton cashmere sweater, for example, is a great pick, as is a plain crew neck that fits perfectly. The world is your soft and cozy oyster.

Do you love cashmere? Where do you get your cashmere jumpers from? Do you love blush-coloured everything as much as I do?

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