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Time for a New Watch (and a Giveaway)

Stag here. I’ve been helping Wolf with the blog for almost a year now; despite frequent promises, it’s taken me that long to get around to actually writing something. Whilst the website will always speak a little on my behalf, I hope at least some of you will enjoy the occasional article when I step out from behind the curtain.

Thanks to JORD watches for collaborating on this post. Scroll to the bottom for all the details about our JORD watch giveaway.

After 16 years, my venerable old quartz wristwatch is almost dead. Sure, the mechanism still works but the embarrassing array of scratches, dents, and bumps is finally becoming too much. As a man, my watch is meant to be the one chance to show off some style; in my case it shows the frugal-Yorkshireman approach to spending I inherited from my Dad. This £100 Seiko was exciting for a 16-year old; for a 32-year old it’s not exactly giving the right impression, is it?


I like to think that my style is classic. Wolf would probably object to me using the word ‘classic’ — also probably the word ‘style’ — but she’s not writing this post so I get the last word for once. Regardless, my dressing tends to run from a simple (but hopefully elegant) suit to (more often) plain t-shirt and jeans. I don’t have the time or budget to keep up with the vagaries of fashion, so when I make a purchase it needs to last a while and fit in with almost anything. A watch takes that and turns it up to 11 – it needs to complement everything, AND last for years.

Wooden JORD Conway watch resting in wooden box

That said, I’m aware of the impact that something a little different can make, and I’m starting to experiment with items out of my comfort zone. My last watch was a simple affair in blue and chrome, minimalist in decoration. My tastes have changed since I was 16, and my confidence has too; I’m happier wearing something that says a little more about me. Wolf’s tastes have also rubbed off; I’m somewhat keener on exposed copper and brass than I was a few years ago!

Man in blue shirt wearing wooden JORD Conway watch adjusts stag cufflinks


I’m lucky enough to have had a chance to try the Conway from JORD watches. With a body of wood, all JORD watches are distinctive, and the Conway ups the game with a chronograph face. Whilst I have a love for modern technology, I appreciate the solid feel and classic texture that comes from wood. The dark walnut in my model is paired with a stylish dark face accented in some of that on-trend copper we all love. It looks timeless and distinctive at once, and pairs equally well with formal business wear as with plaid shirt and jeans.

Man in blue shirt wearing wooden JORD Conway watch makes phone call

As someone who deliberates purchases endlessly in a matrix of comparative options, I’m surprised to have been wearing the Conway for over a week now with no regrets. My old watch is still on my bedside table – the emotional attachment is too strong to throw it out quite yet – but I haven’t reached for it once. The Conway is my watch now, and it’s a great one.

— Stag


Stag is wearing the Walnut and Jet-Black Conway watch from JORD watches

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