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We’ve Got Some BIG News…

I lost my head in San Francisco / Waiting for the fog to roll out / But I found it in a rain cloud / It was smiling down — The Mowglis

Well, internet. Friends. My dear, dear readers. We have some humungous news to share with you from the Wolf & Stag HQ. It’s news that’s been brewing for quite some time — a huge force that’s been on my mind, inhibiting my productivity, bringing me to tears, filling me with joy and dread, and inspiring me to tell you guys EVERYTHING. I’ve wanted to, trust me. But I was reluctant to make a big splash about it on the internet (permanence defined) until I knew for sure.  And now, we know.

Ready for some big news? Drumroll, please…

— Wolf & Stag are moving. To San Francisco. —

Wow. Even just writing that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I’m sure the audience at this point is split: there will be those of you going, “WHAT?! This news is shocking;” those of you (close friends/fam) saying, “Yeah, knew that one, eye roll;” and finally, those nosey peeps among you who were wondering what the news was, and thought it’d be a baby.

Sorry to disappoint you; no babies here, except my persistently three-month-old food baby.

The reason we’ve taken so long to spill the beans is because of — as every good international story will begin with — visa troubles. Having thought my move to the UK and the various visa-woes since was tricky, I was not remotely prepared for what constituted getting an American visa for Stag.

I won’t bore you with my tales of difficult admin. Let’s just say, though: it’s been a very uncertain, paperwork-filled past few months.

However, if there are any fellow Americans out there looking to make the leap from the UK to the US with their partner in tow, I am now an Immigration Wizard, so please do send any questions my way.

I’m sure some of you are wondering: uhh…why?

It’s no secret that I love London. From my head to my toes. Getting to live in this magical city, full of history, of newness, of such great culture, was my ‘living abroad dream.’ I’ve had the chance to live as an expat, start a fresh life for myself. Eight years later, I never dreamed I would still be here. But I am, living my expat adventure, everyday.

Now, it’s Stag’s turn. One of his dreams is to live abroad. And it’s time we gave that to him — while giving me a chance to return home, too.

All that said, the thought of returning to the home I left behind 8 years ago — well, that really filled me with the heebie-jeebies. We knew we needed someplace new, for both of us.

I’d be lying if I said this Jersey girl hadn’t always harboured a wanderlusting dream of living in California. There’s something so adventurous about it, filled with images of beaches, of laid-back lives, of mountain hikes and driving a car with the top down. I realise I am having an expectation-versus-reality moment (I’m sure our lives will be exactly the same, just with American accents) — but nevertheless, when Stag and I were faced with the “Where do we live in that huge country called America?” question, California was really the only place my heart wanted.

San Francisco in particular works for Stag’s career, him being the Tech Wizard that he is. We’re also very fortunate to have Stag’s brother and sister-in-law living out near SF, too, adding to the appeal.

What does this big news mean for Wolf & Stag?

That’s a very good question, and one I probably haven’t given enough thought to (whoops). At this point, we are unsure about what shape our lives will take. And as Wolf & Stag is a direct result of, well, our lives, then by default it’s hard to comprehend the San Franciscan version of our (blog) baby.

All I know is: the blog WILL continue. My same self-deprecating, sardonic wit (LOLZ like I could ever use the word ‘sardonic’ correctly) will continue. Our emphasis on quality, independent brands (including the British ones we have worked with over the past year) will continue. We are still a 50% American, 50% British blog, after all.

There just may be some more dollar signs and references to Pumpkin Spice things than before. But, rest assured, I will work my hardest to make Wolf & Stag as useful, relevant and interesting (high hopes) to readers and friends both sides of the Atlantic.

Everything else? Who knows. It’s a new adventure for the blog — and a new adventure for us.


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  • This is amazing news!! SO excited for you guys and can’t wait to follow along on your new adventure!! xo


    • Thank you SO much V! It’s a little daunting but a LOT exciting. I have no idea what our life will be like — and it’s the first time I’ve felt this way in a long while. Although I do envision future us taking a trip or two up towards Vancouver… :o) xoxo

      • Um, YES, you have to visit Vancouver!! It’s such an amazing city and there is so much to see + I would happily play tour guide!! xo

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  • So exciting – enjoy the move and best of luck getting things over and ocean and then an entire country! We’ve been in the UK (British husband) together for about three years now and have always had the same idea – we’d do some time here, do some time in the US so the Mr. can experience that side of things, and then decide where we truly want to settle. But, living in London right now, I can’t imagine moving anywhere else. I suppose only time will tell….

    • Thank you so much, Kelly! I completely understand how you’re feeling about things — heck, if it had been totally up to me, we probably would still be in London! But, we’ve both lived in London for 8 years, and we both know that (or at least we think so right now!) that the UK will be our forever home.’ We just want a couple of adventures before we settle down :o) There’s no reason to pick up and go unless you get that itch. For now, just enjoy your time in London! The US will always be there for you, if/when you guys decide to give that a try.

      I’ll let you know how it all goes!… xx