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Hotel Review: Riad Kniza, Marrakech

(The next post in our Travel Month series. Read the others here.). Guys, it’s hot today. Like really hot. Having just checked my thermostat, my balmy working conditions of 29 degrees inside my living room is preventing me slightly from coming up with coherent sentences. And words. Words are hard. Hilariously, London right now is about 8 degrees warmer than it was when we visited the Riad Kniza in Marrakech back in May, and with considerably more sunshine than we experienced in the typically-scorching country. Call us (un)lucky that we missed the heat. But consider us very lucky that we stumbled upon the beautiful, charming Riad Kniza* for our stay in Marrakech’s Medina.

Lemon Print Dress

I had sworn off all scratchy, synthetic materials. I had declared I would stop buying high street anything unless it was (nearly) 100% cotton, linen or silk. Yep, I said that — and then I found this lemon print dress in H&M. For months, I had been searching high and low for a floaty, romantic dress to wear for our Marrakech trip. And it was found in lemons — material-snobbery be damned.

Travel-Inspired Interiors to Give You a Serious Case of Wanderlust

Featured image: H&M. I like to think that all people fit into one of two categories: those who have “the Wanderlust”, and those who don’t. If you couldn’t tell from reading this blog, I sit firmly in the former camp. As a kid, I decorated my bedroom walls with cut-outs of National Geographic, ripping out calendar pictures of castles, proudly displaying maps on my walls. I knew I wanted to go places; I just didn’t know when, or how, I could.

Now, as an adult, one of the best feelings in the world is having the freedom and — mostly — finances to travel as and when I want. However, that sense of the mystique of travelling — the wanderlust, the sense of adventure, of unexplored places and luxurious hotels and escapes in the wild — hasn’t left. And like I was as a kid, I’m still drawn to home decor that fills me with that sense of excitement. This post is all about travel-inspired interiors, and how you can bring your sense of wanderlust into your own home.

Hotel Review: Hotel Capaldi, Atlas Mountains

See Part 1 of our Marrakech trip posts hereOur stay at the beautiful Hotel Capaldi was by fortuitous accident. When we booked our Marrakech trip, we had done just that: booked 3 nights in Marrakech. However, when flight prices skyrocketed overnight (thanks, British bank holidays), we were forced to travel a day earlier than planned. Woe was definitely us, for we decided to skip the bustling city for that one extra night in favour of a sun, tranquillity and nature walks out in the Atlas Mountains.

Well, we got some of those things. But not all.

Travel Style: What to Pack for Marrakech

The first of (many) posts to come following our recent trip to Marrakech, and the second in our Wolf & Stag travel series (read all about what I’m talking about here). The city itself is one of many extremes: beautiful and messy, friendly and hostile, brash and conservative, all wrapped in the feeling of the exotic, of faraway places, of adventure. I can’t really describe it all that well, so instead, while I get my mind together, I’ll focus on the clothes.