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Beauty Review: Alpha-H Liquid Gold

When Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends places something in her most-coveted Top 10 Beauty, you step up and listen. Alpha-H Liquid Gold has warranted cult status from everyone and their mom it seems, hailed as the HG to non-abrasive exfoliation. Reading reviews of this liquid gold (no pun intended… okay yes, pun intended), one commenter even said, “At 70 years old I have cared for my skin all my life using numerous products, but this one takes things to a different level.” As you may know, I’m rather dubious when it comes to believing the hype over cult beauty, but with that kind of praise, I had to give it a try. What’s my verdict? Read on, curious reader. Read on.

Let’s Talk About… Enjoying Your Own Company (and What I’m Doing this Bank Holiday Weekend)

Would you consider yourself more of an introvert or an extrovert? While I know it’s difficult to pin people neatly into specific categories (although it does make life easier, doesn’t it), I can comfortably say I am an ‘Introverted Extrovert.’ A Former pure Extrovert, my slow descent into Adulthood has seen me relish the comforts of nights in, pyjamas and regular unsocial events. However, what contradicts all of this ‘alone’ time is that usually I want Stag around for all of it. Deep down, I am my best, most motivated self when I am around others. And while I am so happy I’ve found a Life Partner who brings me joy and confidence, there are the occasional times when I’m — gasp — left alone.  Such as this upcoming bank holiday weekend.

Seeing Stars

Have you ever experienced what psychologists everywhere have termed the ‘Zara Sale Purchase Paradox?” (I may or may not have made up that bit about psychologists..not the point). The scenario unfolds like this: you enter the heart-beating frenzy that is a Zara Sale, drunk on the excitement and perfume fumes permeating everywhere. Overwhelmed with anticipation, you grab no fewer than 576 items to try on in the dressing room (after a 3 hour queue, obviously). You end up purchasing five or so items, so gloriously proud and thrilled to possess these would-be-full-price-but-you-got-them-in-sale finds. And then you take them home, and in the sobering, cold light of day, you come to terms with yesterday’s embarrassment of yourself: “What the hell did I just waste my money on?’

Oh yes, there have been times where I’ve found myself in the clutches of a Zara Sale Purchase Paradox. However, finding this star-print shirt, my friends, was not one of them.

Hotel Review: The Refinery, New York

If you follow me on instagram and twitter, you would have seen my countless posts about our most recent trip back to the US for my little brother’s wedding. Although we did manage to see quite a few places on this trip (NYC –> NJ –> MD –> DC), this was purely a family and friend affair, which meant lots of catch-ups, very little tourist-itinerary-happenings.

However, the one exciting and bucket-list worthy thing we were able to do was stay at The Refinery Hotel in New York’s Midtown. Their rooftop bar has been my longtime favourite, and after years of wanting to stay at this ulta-modern hotel, Stag and I finally managed to nab a deal (in the cheapest room, because #realworldbudgets) and stay for two nights.

Cheap Tricks: Decorating for Easter on a Budget

Happy Weaster everyone! Yes, that is the adorable nickname that Stag has given the gloriously epic occasion that is a 4 day Easter weekend. Stag and I are actually hosting our first Easter lunch tomorrow for friends. We’ve got our menu covered (I’m making this bun&butter pudding, Stag’s doing the lamb). But, in an epic panic the day before, I’m still frantic about our table decorations! Normally I’d just lust over magazine-like pictures and call it a day — like my Thanksgiving table decor post. But this time, I actually want to make my table look Easter-bunny proud — without spending a fortune or a lot of time. Some of us just aren’t that crafty.