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Autumn Fashion, Love Jumper, and Loafers

So, now that our secret’s out, I can finally lament to you how annoying it’s been to not be able to buy any Autumn fashion. I’ve been flexing my willpower like I never have before, avoiding all the beautiful camel coats, cozy cashmere, leather boots, plaid blazers (this Isabel Marant Etoile one? BE STILL MY BEATING HEART).

However, let me tell you: nothing pushes you to be a minimalist like an international move. The thought of anything new having to be added to all of our things fills me with dread. How on earth are we going to bring all of our stuff to San Francisco?! Luckily for me, the next 18 (!) days will be figuring out that exact question.

Also luckily for me, I picked my Autumn fashion well in 2016, and many of my staples last year will see me through this season. I’ve definitely bought in (literally) to the slogan trend — as evidenced by this post — and knew quickly this Hush jumper had to be mine when first discovering it last year. To my delight, Hush has carried it forward this A/W season, too, this time in a beautiful navy blue.

Furthering my quest to not buy anything new until we move, I’ve been wearing my same two pairs of loafers/slippers to death. As in, literal-disintegration-death.

(Pointless aside: I realised I have no idea what constitutes a loafer, a slipper, a moccasin, a slide, a brogue?! Fashion gurus: help please.)

The first are my leopard-print ones, which I happened to buy from a Clarks Outlet Store (the shame) about 6 years ago. I don’t even know how or why that happened. But they fit my feet perfectly, have never once blistered, and I can walk miles in them — an activity that I partake in regularly, because I am too cheap to frequent this thing called “public transportation.”

The second are a pair of black suede tassel loafers. AKA, the best thing you will ever have in your closet.

While the Dream of Dreams is to one day own a buttery-leather pair of Gucci Horsebit Loafers (yes, I am a walking Blogger Cliche), a decent pair of suede ones will automatically look more expensive than they are. Because suede is a magical material, instantly lifting any outfit and proudly declaring, “Hey, it’s Autumn.”

I also am a firm believer that loafers are the most magical of shoes, somehow straddling that delicate, delicate line of polished, old-man-chic, scandi-cool, street-style-trendy, classic and sophisticated. How do you do it, loafers? How, indeed.

My other Autumn fashion obsession? The colour red. Which, in fact, is everywhere this A/W, and made an official ‘trend of the season’ by none other than Alex Stedman of The Frugality herself. I actually bought this beautiful Aurora London red bag for the summer, but it’s turned out to be my most used bag this season thus far.

Autumn fashion: Hush love jumper, Lou & Grey jeans, Dune loafers, Neubau Eyewear sunglasses, Aurora London bag | Wolf & Stag

Another side note: Aurora London’s two bag offerings are incredibly well made, timeless and at some seriously reasonable prices considering the quality of leather. I had the luck of meeting the team over the summer, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

Add in a trusty pair of slightly-cat-eye sunglasses (these ones from Neubau are polarized and amazing — trust me) — and you have Autumn Fashion Done. Without having to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

Huzzah, moving-stuff freedom!

Autumn fashion: Hush love jumper, Lou & Grey jeans, ASOS camel coat, Dune loafers, Neubau Eyewear sunglasses, Aurora London bag | Wolf & Stag



What are the pieces you’re buying this Autumn? Anyone else restricted on what they can purchase this season? Do you love loafers as much as me?

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  • Ahh hooray for Fall Fashion! I had a really good taste of Fall in London over the past few weeks. The weather was just perfect to cozy up, and not to be too cold, yet! Hope you’re having a great start to the Fall season, and enjoyed all your travels 🙂
    Lyndi xo

    • Lyndi, I can’t wait to see all of your pictures from your recent London (and European) trip! Yes, we’ve been SO lucky with the Autumnal weather we’ve been having recently. Usually Autumn in London is synonymous with ‘rain.’ 🙂 Hope your jet lag isn’t too bad… thanks so much for stopping by the blog! xo

  • laura anne

    I bought suede loafers too ( alot cheaper though from New Look) and I find them more “girly” than the leather ones. I love how you teamed the read bag with the look x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

    • New Look is my absolute favourite go-to spot for high street shoes! I think the quality and prices are often better than most of the other shops, even more high end ones. I agree, I think suede helps the loafers to be less intense and ‘in your face.’ That’s a very good way to describing it. Thanks so much for stopping by! xx

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