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Leaf-Print Interiors Inspiration

This post is a mix of things. Firstly, I’m jet-lagged, thus fuelling a state of total non-productivity (which of course excludes activities such as browsing the ASOS sale and watching SATC reruns). Secondly, I’m behind on my blog posting schedule, which always makes me anxious. And thirdly, there’s a semblance of warm outside, bolstering an incessant need to buy new and update everything I own. Combined, this leads me to trawl Pinterest looking for pretty pictures of summery leaf-print interiors, curbing my appetite to buy new things. Thanks Pinterest.

As I’ve quite annoyingly hinted at no less than 3,585 times, there is a chance that Stag and I will be moving at the end of the year (!). This essentially means everything purchased between now and then must be met with a wary eye, questioning: “Do we want to move with this in 6 months?”

As we all know, moving is the literal worst. When Stag and I moved into our current flat (a scant 1.5 years ago, I must add), I remember collapsing among our strewn boxes and declaring to him amid tears, “Right, that’s it: we will die in this flat, our final resting place when we’re old and grey because we are never moving again.

What I can only imagine is the same survival instinct that allows women to give birth to multiple children, the sharp pain and stress of that moving experience swiftly faded into distant memory. Sure enough, that memory became something unremembered, and now I’m cheerily declaring to Stag, “Why don’t we move again?”

Right, why am I talking about moving again? Oh yes: leaf-print interiors. Let me sum up before I begin my tired ramble again: we can’t buy new things for the house because moving is terrible, but I love leaf-print EVERYTHING, so I am living vicariously through other people’s beautiful homes on pinterest. THERE WE GO EIRE.  Point found.

Sorry for the ramble, ya’ll. I’m tired.

Interiors Inspiration: Leaf-Print is Perfect for Spring & Summer

Leaf-prints are no longer reserved for just Floridian-based summer homes. Like the leopard print of home decor, leaf-prints are neutral enough to fit a variety of decor styles, from contemporary to classic — and bold enough to help liven any room. Green palm print looks amazing with blush pink, while blue fronds bring a certain moodiness to dark greys. Wallpaper and cushions are the easiest ways to incorporate this trend, but bedding, blankets or even painted furniture also are great ways to bring the leaf-print trend to your home.







All images via Pinterest


Get the Look: Leaf-Print Interiors

Get the Look: Leaf-Print Interiors | Wolf & Stag

1 | Banana Leaf Watercolor Shower Curtain | £57 | Society 6
2 | Leaf Dish | £25 | Howkapow
3 | Copper Effect Pineapple Table Lamp | £20 | George at Asda
4 | Teny Banana Leaf And Sisal Woven Storage Basket | £20 | Habitat
5 | Oak Leaf Print – A3 | £35 | Mink Interiors at Trouva
6 | Botanical Leaves & Birds Duvet Cover | from £11 | George at Asda
7 | Large Embossed Metal Plant Pot | £17.99 | H&M
8 | Kelly Hoppen Palm Beach Cushion | £35 | PAD Lifestyle at Trouva
9 | Wallpaper in Tropical Leaves Print | price on request | Charlotte Jade
10 | Palmeral Cotton Oven Glove | £22 | House of Hackney

Do you love leaf-print as much as I do? What’s your favourite of the pictures above? Have you decorated with anything leafy? Share your stories & pictures in the comments!

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  • So many pretty interior ideas here! I must admit, I kind of love moving. Maybe there’s something wrong with me (I certainly hate packing my stuff into myriad of boxes) but I love that feeling when you are at a new place, you can decorate it the way you really want (assuming taste gets better with age). Also, so you’re Wolf then? And Stag is your SO? This is both so sweet and smart! xx

    Naya // http://www.partyparrotblog.com

    • Hahaha, oh man you’re a much better person than me for enjoying a move! You can come move for us if you want?! :p Joking aside, I really do love that aspect of moving. I’ve really seen a change in my aesthetic and decorating habits in the zillion times I’ve moved. I think I’d like it better if we were owning rather than renting…

      And yes, I am the Wolf and my husband is the Stag! It literally began with our nerdy Game of Thrones obsession and a framed art print I bought a few years ago. It became our nicknames and, as they say, the rest is history :o) xx

      • Oh I love that! I am a huge fan of GOT too! (Always cry when they kill poor imaginary direwolves). That makes you Eire Stark then 😀 Can’t wait to see the new season!

  • I want pretty much every single thing that’s shown here. Swoon! x


    • I know right?! Honestly, I have to do these type of posts to satiate my need to buy everything (and save my bank balance)… :o)

      Thanks for stopping by and reading Amanda!

  • I gotta say it’s inspirational for sure. I never would be one to pick up such a bold print simply because I love monochromes and whites and blacks in homes, but this surely speaks to me. Drop by and let’s connect at the http://the-wardrobe-stylist.com/2017/04/09/fashion-gifts-for-mothers-day/

    • I’m with you about monochromes; I tend to be attracted to that for my interiors, most definitely. However, lately (thanks Spring) I’ve found myself more drawn to pale pinks, copper and leaf prints. I’m so glad this post spoke to you!

  • Samantha Hunt

    Wallpaper goalsssss. Love everything. Great post!


    • Thank you so much Samantha! I love everything too.