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Interiors Inspiration: Blush Pink

As some of you may know, in addition to running this oh-so-fabulous blog, I also freelance for an interior designer as a content manager. We have a ‘big reveal’ coming up that — while I can’t say much detail! — it involves one of my favourite colours as of late: pink. Not just any pink, but that lovely, Spring-like blush pink. Although the official colour of 2016, it seems as though blush (or ‘rose quartz’) is here to stay, permeating into everything from fashion to decor.

If you’re ever read a single fashion post by me, you will also know that I’m not a girly girl. However, blush pink has slowly crept its way into my wardrobe, into my accessories, and now I finding myself drawn to it for interiors.

There is one inhibiting factor to my dream of living in a girly pink cloud — an inhibiting factor that I imagine many of you will also face — and that is our male counterparts at home. Yes, Stag is sadly a little more reluctant to incorporate soft, feminine blush pink into our colour scheme. “But how is that going to match our brown-leather-and-black-metal industrial ancient-library look?” he questions me when I hold up a pink cushion to buy for our flat. Ah, the joys of cohabitation.

However, there are ways to bring in blush pink without it turning to a feminine scheme — as evidenced by many of these pictures. “Romantic industrial” is apparently a thing (as I’ve just learned in putting this post together), where light pink offsets the orange-copper of brick splendidly. It also works as an accent colour against white and light grey, creating a calm scandi-esque feel. As an accent colour, it also works incredibly well with a dark, moody charcoal grey.

Here are some rooms and looks that really get it right, incorporating blush pink in ways that look modern and fresh — and far from ‘girly.’







// Last Two Images //
Image 1 | Kate La Vie
(love her gorgeous home!)
Image 2 | Sarah Sherman Samuel

// All other images | Pinterest. //

What do you think of blush pink interiors? Have you incorporated this into your home? What’s your fave of the pics above?

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