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What I actually Bought (and Wanted to!) from the Black Friday Sales

Following on from my Net-a-porter sale roundup post, this weekend has essentially been my Christmas shopping, ‘setting up my life again,’ ordering-frenzy bonanza. An official title, I think. This weekend has seen a flurry of sale roundups and wishlists from fellow (amazing) bloggers, which I don’t know about you, but I love to have a cheeky peruse of. But sometimes, you know, you just want to know what people actually fill up their wardrobes with during sale time. For those of us (like me) who are Decisionally Challenged and just need someone to tell them, “Get that one.”

So, here you go, my lovely friends. Here are the things I’ve actually bought this weekend (and some things I nearly did) — many of which are still on sale and in stock. You should be able to grab them during Cyber Monday, too. I hope this list is useful, and you finish reading it thinking, “Oooh, what a stylish maven.” Rather than, “Uh, why do I read this crap?” (<— likely).

But first, I must begin this post with a huge, massive caveat: DON’T BUY STUFF FOR THE SAKE OF BEING ON SALE. I say this with much, much chagrin (and hypocrisy), because I am the queen of “But, but, 45% off! It’s practically calling my name!” As my wonderful friend, fellow blogger and awesome minimalist, Jessica, put on twitter the other day: “I know it feels like you’re getting a bargain but please remember it’s 100% off if you don’t buy it.”

However, sometimes, you really do just need more stuff. Harkening back to what I said in my previous post, Stag and I moved here with just a couple of small boxes between us. I’m down to one pair of boots, one pair of (dressy) sneakers, three sweaters and literally NOT ONE dress that isn’t summer-appropriate. No sports bra (oops, can’t work out, #sorrynotsorry). Not one travel bag. No bathing suit. WHY DID THIS SEEM LIKE SUCH A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME.

I get that many minimalists would read the above and say, “That sounds like plenty?” To which I say, “Sigh. Yes.” I will forever be a night owl wishing they were a morning lark — and a ‘fill my closet’ fiend wishing they were a minimalist. *epic, existential shrug*

So yes, if you are in need of something and want to invest this Black Friday weekend, this gal here has spent 3 full days a bit of time reading reviews, looking at prices and choosing what to invest in. To help you guys out, of course. Definitely not for me.


NORDSTROM (sales depend): These Adidas sneakers are beautiful and 50% off — can’t go wrong (I’m fussed very little about workout clothes). I seriously need a bra upgrade (hello, 3 bras that are each 3 years old), so I bought this Calvin Klein one in nude.

REFORMATION (30% off everything): this blazer might be the blazer of my dreams, and I am in desperate need to find some good fitting, keep-forever jeans. Hoping these Brooke ones fit!

ANTHROPOLOGIE (30% off everything): Was in need of things to keep my house smelling, well, not like paint and misery. So I got this Capri Blue diffuser for the bathroom (Volcano is the best smell ever) and a Christmas candle for the living room (clearly the teeny tiny version, because let’s be real, I’m not Jay-Z).

I also needed some beauty items, including a blow dryer (going for travel-everything these days), a hair turban (because my hair is getting too long for normal towels!) and some conditioner. Here’s to hoping Mermaid hair turns me into a mermaid. DREAMS.

CLUB MONACO (graduated sale % depending on what you buy): Well, I needed a winter coat, one to replace the old camel one I had for years. This Club Manco one is expensive, I give you that, but with 35% off seems a little less terrifying. And the classic shape means you’ll keep it for years and years. I highly recommend!

PARACHUTE (for beautiful home goods — 20% off everything): I may not take workout clothes seriously, but you betcha I take robes seriously. This towelling robe from Parachute — one of the most beautiful sites I’ve come across for towels, sheets and other home goods — has the best one I’ve found, hands down. Cannot wait for this to arrive!

MADEWELL (25% off everything): I love anything in a dark, buttery cognac leather. These Brenner boots from Madewell were already on sale, and with an extra 25% off makes them a steal. While not on sale on the Madewell website, the Transport Tote in the same colour is 25% off on Nordstrom. This scarf-poncho-cape thing is THE coziest and most useful purchase — it has so many uses and is perfect for fall.

DERMSTORE (was 30% off everything, now sadly only 25% off): Herbivore Botanicals is one of my favourite beauty brands of all time. I used this rare discount to buy the Blue Clay facemask, the Coconut sea mist for my constantly air-dried hair, and the Coco Rose body polish. Can’t wait for my next self-care Sunday.


Lo & Sons make the most beautiful bags for travel that I’ve been spying for a long, long time. The Catalina Weekender is now down to $60 (!) and the Claremont is my dream camera bag.

Speaking of bags… A.P.C is my favourite designer brand, and this Soho bag is now a (kind of) steal with 30% off.

I could quite literally buy Madewell this Black Friday. This plaid coat will be my coat if the Club Monaco one doesn’t fit. I am also loving this red cable-knit and this salt-and-pepper one with the best sleeves.

And, of course, the forever-the-apple-in-my-eye Isabel Marant. This sweater and coat are my dreams.

What have you bought in the Black Friday sales? What do you think of my picks above? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Oooh … you did so well! I love the shoes AND that CK bra (they’re my favorite – so comfy and the best fit ever)!

    xo Jaime

    • Thanks SO much, Jaime! I really do feel a bit icky using the blog to say, “Look at me! I bought stuff! You need to buy stuff, too!” because, well, you name it. Credit card debt, greed during the holiday season, etc. So I tried to make it as ‘real life, I need stuff, this is what I got’ as possible. I was worried the content was a bit off — but your comment has really put a boost in my step! Thank you lovely! Hope you’re doing well? xx