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The Independent Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

Featuring the best of independent designers, makers and shops from both San Francisco and London.

I don’t know about you, but I was bitten by the festive bug much earlier than usual this year. Maybe it’s the influence of Stag, but I typically hold stalwart to the belief that the Christmas Season begins on December 1st. (Side note: he is very, very strict about that rule when it comes to setting up the Christmas tree. Grinch).

Or perhaps it’s because prepping Christmas blog content starts well before Jack Frost does any nipping. Yes, I may have bought my Christmas wrapping paper in October. Don’t judge.

But this year, I am full blown Festive Eire, and December has only just begun. Yes, I may have already had on the Michael Buble Christmas album (Stag was so thrilled about this). Which means you know I am ready for some mince pies (I MISS YOU, BRITAIN), eggnog (thanks, America), and a little rock around the Christmas tree.

One of my favourite parts of blogging during the month of December is, yes — you guessed it — putting together some holiday gift guides. (You can see the ones I put together last year here, here and here). As you know, this blog focuses heavily on featuring quality, independent brands, and it’s a true joy to discover some wonderful products, people and companies to share with you.

Now, with this blog bridging two cities, I have even more independent companies and goods I’m falling in love with.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my Independent Holiday Gift Guides with you, with two roundups per post: one of the best independent brands from London, and one from San Francisco.

Two great cities; one (hopefully also great!) roundup. Or three, technically. First up: gifts for her. Or for you…(judge free zone, here).

— GIFTS FOR HER FROM LONDON — The Independent Holiday Gift Guide (London) | Gifts for Her | Wolf & Stag

1. Missoma x Lucy Williams Gold Necklace // 2. Folk Cashmere Scarf // 3. Grace Gordon Sheepskin Mittens // 4. Hoxton Mini Press East London Food // 5. Chinti & Parker Cashmere Sweater // 6. Evermore North Christmas Candle // 7. Aurora London Gigi Bag in Black Leather // 8. Air & Grace Copeland Trainers // 9. Elie Beaumont Rose Gold Watch // 10. Wood/Grey Bud Vase Trio // 11. Desmond & Dempsey Maroon & Pink Pyjama Slippers // 12. Yolke Cotton Pyjamas // 13. Isla Apothecary Body Rituals Set

I’ve been so lucky to work with or discover a variety of wonderful brands since starting this blog. When putting this guide together, an Evermore London candle was the first gift for her I thought of. They are my favourite (case in point — I have one in the featured image for this post).

After writing my post about the best British-made pyjamas, I fell in love with Desmond & Dempsey and Yolke. I actually was lucky enough to meet the owners of Desmond & Dempsey (and snagged a few pairs of their pyjamas heavily discounted — score!) at an event last year.

And when it comes to jewelry choices, I think gifting a well-made, timeless piece is a spot-on choice for the holidays. My watch from Elie Beaumont is a classic that I’ll wear for years. It looks way more expensive than it is! Missoma make my favourite necklaces, and I tend to gravitate towards the Lucy Williams collaboration pieces.

— GIFTS FOR HER FROM SAN FRANCISCO — The Independent Holiday Gift Guide (San Francisco) | Gifts for Her | Wolf & Stag

1 | Monastery Cleansing Oil Sample Kit // 2. Huckberry Herringbone Turkish Towel // 3. Ali Golden Silk Notch Jacket // 4. Basik Candle Co Orange & Bergmont Candle // 5. Allbirds Wool Runners // 6. Ali Golden Black Sunglasses // 7. Modern Citizen Ribbed Sweater // 8. Modern Citizen Brera Fringed Scarf // 9. Lunya Washable Silk Set Pajamas // 10. Olivine Perfume Oil // 11. Salty Fox Moonshine Ring // 12. W&P Design Pineapple Shot Glasses // 13. Truffle Clarity Jetset Case  // 14. Cuyana Weekender Bag

If you ask me, Christmas is all about giving beautiful, well-made and cozy gifts that people can keep and use for years. There are so many wonderful independent brands and shops in San Francisco (and California as a whole). Cuyana and Truffle have been long-time favorites of mine — particularly Cuyana, a shop I was so excited to move to SF for.

From searches online, I’ve also found the most beautiful (washable!) silk pajamas from Lunya. A set is definitely going on my Christmas list this year. You’ll also notice that many of the items featured here are from Huckberry: a retailer showcasing some of the best of independent, artisan makers. Their stocking stuffer gift guide is like my giant wishlist!

One of my most recent discoveries is Modern Citizen, a San Francisco clothing atelier with a classic, modern aesthetic at a very reasonable price point. As in, it’s hard to find something over $100! I loved this brand so much that I’ve already invested in a couple of pieces from them. Blog posts discussing my love (and showing off my picks) coming soon!.

What do you think of my gifts for her edits? Have I missed any brands off this list? I love discovering new independent retailers! So please do let me know your favourite independent shops, brands and makers in the comments!


Part Two: Gifts for Him, coming next week!

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